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How was the idea of Missafir created? People who grow up in Turkish culture are well known for their hospitality. It lies at the root of this culture, so it is no surprise that people are eager to open their homes to others. Missafir builds up on this natural hospitality and elevates the idea of warm welcomes to a home-based business opportunity that allows homeowners to make profit.

Mehmet Yüksel, Missafir’s CEO, has a long history of international travel and sharing a home environment with other people. It all started back in 2010, during the Erasmus programme in Poland. Upon his return to Istanbul, Mehmet wanted to continue with experience of meeting and living with people from different counties, so he opened his home in Istanbul to guests from Europe. He went on with his higher education in the United Kingdom, where he was also successfully working, and where he carried on with occasionally welcoming guests to his home. Having managed this through Airbnb platform, he became an expert in the field, having earned a Superhost award 11 times in a row.

Thanks to the personal hands-on experience and the necessity to tackle difficulties related to hosting himself, Mehmet has an in-depth understanding of what is means, and what it takes, to be a successful host. Things like delivery of keys, check-in times, cleaning and changing bed linen may be challenging at times, not to mention the effort and time required to monitor and adjust online prices and remain in constant communication with guests. These activities are particularly demanding when one is working full-time or travelling. Those valuable learnings prompted Yüksel to seek new ideas and solutions to make hosting experience easier. He wanted to make the entire process less burdensome and more manageable for himself, but also for other homeowners who wanted to open their homes to guests.

Combining his educational background in business and technology management with proven track record of successful operations management, Mehmet set on a startup journey with Cem, who brought in his experience from tourism and hospitality sectors. Missafir was established in Istanbul in late 2018 as the first short-term rental management platform in Turkey.


Mehmet Yüksel, Founder

Mehmet participated in a student exchange programme in Poland, during his studies in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, where he spent a year not only studying but also living with people from different counties. It did open his eyes to the world of travel, and more importantly, to the land of opportunities. After his first Missafir-like experience, Yüksel moved back to Istanbul for his Masters Degree in Engineering Management at Marmara University. Having obtained another Masters Degree a couple of years later, this time in International Technology Management from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, Mehmet started his professional career. In 2017 he was working as a Planning Manager at HelloFresh, the fastest growing technology start-up company in Europe at the time, according to Financial Times. Mehmet then decided to follow his dreams of establishing his own company, where he could combine his educational background and skills with the passion for travel and hosting. He is turning years of experience gained internationally, and through sharing his home with others, to provide efficient and effective solutions to homeowners and help them excel at turning home-based business opportunities into their own success stories.

Ali Cem Oktay, Co-founder

Cem graduated from Department of Economics at Kocaeli University and received his MBA in 2017. He has been working in the private sector since 2008, primarily as an Operations Manager in hotels across Antalya and Uludağ. Cem gained managerial experiences across various industries but specialises in tourism and hospitality sectors. He is bringing in his knowledge and skills to support the growth of Missafir.

Aleksandra Glinka, Co-founder

Aleksandra was born in Poland, where she graduated from Poznan University of Economics and Business with MSc in International Business as well as MSc in Management. Following her graduation, Aleksandra successfully completed an internship at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Poland to the United Nations in New York. She has since worked at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, and for the last two years has been supporting delivery of Innovate UK funded R&D projects. Thanks to the experience of being an Airbnb Superhost for nearly three years in a row, and having lived and worked internationally, Aleksandra knows how to exceed guests’ expectations and deal with the problems that homeowners tend to face.

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Enis Yangın

Operations Lead



Özge Ozdemir

Sales Lead



Yunus Emre Yüksel



Berkay Hopalı

Back-End Developer Intern

Ahsen İspiroğlu

Interior Designer

İsef Işıktan

Customer Experience Lead


Missafir is now in Istanbul, Bodrum, Çeşme and Göcek! We will continue to bring together hosts and guests in other cities soon! Antalya, Muğla, İzmir and much more…




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