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Missafir's Story

The people who grew up in the culture of this country have always been known as “hospitable”. Our people are very open-minded about helping others by opening their homes and learning about their culture. Missafir transforms this value of ours into a lucrative solution partnership, keeping your home alive.

Birth of Missafir Idea

Mehmet Yüksel met with the magic of traveling the world and sharing the same house with people from different cultures during the Erasmus student exchange program. When he returned to Istanbul, he opened the doors of his own house to guests from different European countries in order to continue the culture of sharing he loved so much. Yüksel went to England to continue his education life. Here, Yüksel and Aleksandra, with whom he lives, started to earn high income by sharing their houses on Airbnb. Over time, they specialized in hosting with Airbnb and won the "Airbnb Superhost" award 10 times in a row.

Although it was a pleasant process, there were still some problems with home-sharing. During this period, Yüksel experienced first-hand what kind of problems the process could cause for both the hosts and the guests. Difficulties such as key delivery, check-in and check-out times, housekeeping, accurate pricing and constant communication with guests led Yüksel to find a creative and innovative solution. This solution was technology-assisted operation and professional process management that would make these tasks easier, especially for homeowners. After putting the business model he had built for a long time on a more realistic basis with market analyzes, Yüksel decided that Istanbul was the perfect pilot location for such a project. Returning to Turkey with the dream of Missafir, Yüksel took the first steps of Missafir together with Aleksandra and Cem. Since then, he has led a team of people who are passionate about providing a flawless experience for hosts and guests.

Mehmet Yüksel has specialized in hosting guests with Airbnb and won the "Airbnb Superhost" award 10 times in a row.

With our Booking Genius partnership, we gain more visibility for our listings and increase the reservation rate on the platform.

We got a rating of 4.4 out of 5 with 55 reviews on Trustpilot.

Our services have been reviewed by more than 2000 users and received 4.9 stars.

We draw our strength from technology!
Mehmet Yüksel

Completed his undergraduate education in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. After completing his master's degree in Engineering Management at Marmara University, Business Management and Organization at Istanbul University, and Marketing at Galatasaray University, his professional life began. He started his career in 2014, worked as a Planning Engineer for a while. Afterward, he won the Jean Monnet Scholarship and completed his Master's in International Technology Management at the University of Warwick in England. After returning to his professional career, he worked as a Planning Manager at HelloFresh, one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe. Later, he set out to pursue his dreams, to realize both his travel and accommodation experiences in his personal life and professional achievements in Missafir. With Missafir, he is on his way to creating a global brand that adds value to Turkey.

Mehmet Onarcan
Lead Investor, Mentor

Taking an active role in Turkey's startup ecosystem as an entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor, Mehmet Onarcan is one of the leading technology evangelists devoted to the development of our country in this field. Mehmet Onarcan, who is on the founding staff of Project House, one of Turkey's first digital advertising agencies, is also the founder of Mentors Network Turkey and MDA Technology and Investment. Mehmet Onarcan, who has exit experience in different fields, both in his own ventures and in the startups he has invested in, makes a significant contribution to the growth of Missafir by taking on the roles of Lead Investor and Consultant.

Mete Varas

Mete Varas, one of the leading entrepreneurs and thinkers in the field of PropTech, has helped many startups grow with his investor and mentor titles. Mete Varas, founder of EurAsia Proptech Initiative and ME Prop Initiative, co-founder of Shopi and Innovation Consultant of Zingat, is actively involved in the growth of Missafir in the field of innovation with sectoral knowledge and insights.


Ali Cem Oktay
Co-Founder & VP of Business Development and Operations
Aleksandra Glinka
Co-Founder & Guest Experience Manager
Yunus Emre Yüksel
CEO Office
Özge Özdemir
People & Culture Manager
Mesut Çilingir
Head of Technology
Sarper Evren
Deniz İşkar
Head of Operations
Nezih Üzümcüoğlu
Head of New Markets
Zeynep Özdoğan
Brand & Creative Strategy Manager
Cansu Keser
CEO Office

Team on the Field

Suat Anıl Andaç
Head Of Business Development
Ebru Çağlayan
Business Development Manager
Begüm Akarsu
Assistant Business Development Manager
Ali Ceyhun Çelikman
Business Development Lead
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