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The Foundation Story of Missafir

How was the idea of Missafir created?How was the idea of Missafir created? People who grow up in Turkish culture are always known as hospitality. Our people are very open-minded about opening their homes to other people. The Missafir, transforms the idea of hospitality to having profit. It manages the whole process from the marketing to the cleaninng of the properties and offers a unique opportunity of gain profit.

In 2010,Mehmet Yüksel discovered the magic of travelling and sharing the same environment with different people in the student exchange program “Erasmus” in Poland!When he came backto Istanbul,he wanted to continue this experience and opened up his own home to guests from different countries in Europe.However,there were problems in this system as well as in every good thing.Yüksel continued his education life in England.With Aleksandra,they gained high earnings by sharing their homes on platforms such as “Airbnb”.Even though Amany difficulties in hosting guests with Airbnb,they became experts in this business and received 10 times Airbnb SuperHost awards in a row.

There were some problems with the system.Key delivery,check-in times,cleaning of the house,washing and ironing of bed linen,changing daily prices in the market and the necessity of constant communications with guests have prompted Yüksel to seek new ideas,especially for homeowners,to make these steps eaiser.He wanted to make the entire process eaiser and reliable  for homeowners who wanted to open their homes to guess and generate higher incomes and manage.He did believe whole proccess and actions can be done with a professional team.He decided to implement this project by sharing the idea with Cem who is experienced in tourism and hospitality sector.Later,Yüksel and Cem met  in Istanbul and first step was taken to establish Missafir.


Mehmet Yüksel, Founder

Mr.Yüksel whom graduated from Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering,in Poland,where he spent a year of his ducation in addition to education in the field,he sought the gates of a completely different world.After he was living his first MİSSAFİR experience in there,Yüksel moved to Istanbul for his masters degree in Marmara University Engineering Management.After completing  his master degree in International Technology Management at Warwick University in England with ’Jean Monnet scholarship’ ,Yüksel started business life. In 2017, he worked as a Planning Manager at the HelloFresh which is the fastest growing technology start-up company in Europe by Financial Times. Then he decided to follow his dreams and set out to adapt his travel and hospitality and professional experiences to Missafir. He plans to use his experience gained from sharing his home with the guests for many years to put his new idea into practice.

Ali Cem Oktay, Co-founder

Ali Cem Oktay graduated from Kocaeli University,Department of Economics and received his MBA degree in 2017 Oktay has been working in the private sector since 2008, and his first work experience as tourist guide led him to travel and meet with different people. He worked as a operation manager some of hotels in Antalya and Uludağ. Oktay, who has high level management experience in industrial companies, has experience especially in tourism and accommodation. He plans to reflect his experiences in tourism and accommodation while founding the Missafir.

Aleksandra Glinka, Co-founder

Aleksandra Glinka’s life-who was born in Poland-came to an entirely different direction after meeting Yüksel. Aleksandra, who studied in International Business at Poznan University of Economics and Business, had intern at United Nations Headquarters in NYC. Lastly she worked as a Competition and Project Coordinator at the University of Warwick, UK., she has found opportunities to work in different geographies from England to America. Firstly In 2013, Aleksandra, who had short-term rentals, continues to rent properties in England with Airbnb. With the experience of hosting guests from different countries, she plans to find solutions to the problems of homeowners and guests for Missafir users.

Our Team!





Khaled Ibrahim

Operations Lead



Özge Ozdemir

Sales Lead



Emre Göler

Marketing Lead



Yunus Emre Yüksel



Berkay Hopalı

Back-End Developer Intern


Shakhnoza Kabilova

Front-End Developer Intern


Uğur Gündüz

Interior Designer


Kaan Erdem Yurdakul

Operations Intern


Although Missafir is currently only in Istanbul, it will continue to bring together hosts and guests in other cities at the near future. Antalya, Muğla, Izmir and much more.

The host of Missafir are very satisfied with the process of renting their properties, without having to deal with any problems.You can earn by opening the doors of your property for short and medium term for guests.We look forward to your memberships to Missafir for providing a professional team in a system where all these are considered, reliable and full of details!