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We've curated the finest rental homes for your vacations, business trips, and a variety of other experiences.

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Centrally located furnished rental apartments, beachfront pool villas, and more for a flawless accommodation experience.

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Missafir homes from our guests' perspective.

When we looked into Missafir's infrastructure, we were very impressed. Naturally, we chose Missafir. We wholeheartedly recommend it without hesitation. Statistically speaking, the occupancy rate is excellent.
Mr. Mehmet Ali
I can close reservations and block for myself any time I want, allowing me to stay at my rental property. Every time I visit, I find my home spotless. If I have even the smallest request, it's resolved very quickly.
Mrs. Handan
I'm already inclined to work with a corporate firm. I chose Missafir based on a friend's recommendation and the advertisements I saw on social media.
Mr. Hakan

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A Personalized Home Experience

Delightful <span class='gradient-text'>Homes</span>
Delightful Homes

Experience the charm of captivating homes with interior designs that promise tranquility and comfort, transforming your living space into a serene haven.

Peaceful <span class='gradient-text'>Properties</span>
Peaceful Properties

Find properties that mirror the comfort of your home, offering everything you need for a homely and cozy atmosphere.

<span class='gradient-text'>Unique</span> Stays
Unique Stays

Explore handpicked properties in your favorite locations, tailored to your needs with exclusive services from our partners.

Hosting Guests from the World's Largest Companies

More than 10,000 corporate guests choose Missafir each year.

Louis Vuitton

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