Sustainable Stays

We're implementing sustainability projects to enhance the present and leave a better legacy for the future.



We aspire to transform the world into a livable home for everyone.

Proptech for <span class='gradient-text'>Good</span>
Proptech for Good

We're committed to building a better world as part of the International PropTech for Good alliance. One of our core values is Gender Equality, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. But our commitment doesn't stop there; we strive to enhance the world by promoting Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Better Homes for a <span class='gradient-text'>Better Future</span>
Better Homes for a Better Future

Launching the 'Better Homes for a Better Future program, Missafir's M-homes have energy-saving LEDs and A+ appliances. We prioritize reusable items, aiming for less plastic. With the 'Travel Sustainable' badge on Booking, these homes target zero waste

<span class='gradient-text'>TEMA</span> Foundation Partnership
TEMA Foundation Partnership

We're proud to partner with the TEMA Foundation, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and environmental leadership. Through our 'Better Homes for a Better Future' initiative, a portion of the revenue from stays in our M-Homes supports TEMA, underscoring our commitment to this crucial cause.

<span class='gradient-text'>Ecording</span> Partnership
Ecording Partnership

We're proud to partner with Ecording, a social enterprise driving sustainable, innovative, and technological solutions in response to the global climate crisis. We donate a seed ball for our guests for every booking, contributing to a brighter future. Guests can track the journey of their donated seed balls via a special link, witnessing their progression as the ecoDrone plants them.