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We want to make the world a more livable home for everyone

At Missafir, we are building on our mission with the slogan 'Your home is everywhere.' Our goal is to make the world a more livable place for everyone, and we are actively working towards this through our social responsibility projects. Our homes offer our guests a lively and unique experience, and in doing so, we are playing our part in creating a sustainable world.

Proptech <span class='gradient-text'>for Good</span>
Proptech for Good

  • As a proud member of the International Proptech for Good alliance, we are dedicated to contributing to a better world. Embracing Gender Equality as one of our core principles under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to add value globally by supporting Sustainable Cities and Communities.
  • Our 'Better Homes for Better Future' initiative is a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts at Missafir. We've outfitted our special M-homes with energy-efficient LED lighting and A+ rated appliances, prioritized reusable products to minimize plastic waste, and are advancing towards zero waste, evidenced by the 'Travel Sustainable' badge on Booking.
  • In line with our commitment to environmental stewardship, we partner with the TEMA Foundation. Much of our M-Homes' revenue supports TEMA, emphasizing our dedication to sustainability.
  • Equality of <span class='gradient-text'>Opportunity </span> and a Comfy Working Environment
    Equality of Opportunity and a Comfy Working Environment

  • At Missafir, we are committed to gender equality and strive for a balanced team composition, providing unique support and benefits tailored to our female employees. We aim for every individual to be assessed based on their skills and potential, upholding the United Nations' principle of Gender Equality as a core value.
  • We recognize the impact of support in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Hence, we purchase decorative items for our M-homes from women entrepreneurs, promoting their craftsmanship to our guests and encouraging the purchase of local products.
  • Understanding the commitment to welcoming new family members, we offer a comprehensive parental leave policy: 12 weeks of paid leave for new mothers, 10 days for new fathers, and a newborn gift package.
  • A <span class='gradient-text'>Perfect</span> Career and Development Opportunity
    A Perfect Career and Development Opportunity

  • At Missafir, continuous learning and development are at the heart of our culture. We make it easy to balance work and education, underpinned by our belief in the transformative power of knowledge.
  • Our flexible work environment encourages movement across different departments, enabling team members to explore their interests and define their career paths. We embrace a hybrid work model, alternating between office days and remote work to keep routines fresh and engaging.
  • Passion drives us at Missafir, both in our work and personal interests. We cultivate this through in-house activities and courses led by our own experts, opening doors to new learning experiences for all.
  • We also offer the unique Sabbatical Leave benefit, allowing long-serving employees to take time off for personal and professional growth, further emphasizing our commitment to each team member's dreams and self-improvement.
  • <span class='gradient-text'>Full Support </span> Educational Purposes
    Full Support Educational Purposes

  • At Missafir, learning is an endless journey. Our culture of continuous learning now transcends work boundaries, thanks to our 'Education Leave' policy. Team members eager to resume their studies without compromising their work commitments can utilize this leave, harmonizing their professional and educational goals
  • To support the education of future leaders, we've launched the 'Accommodation Scholarship.' This initiative assists students relocating for academic excellence, ensuring they focus on their studies in a supportive and comfortable living environment.
  • Furthermore, embodying our collective aspiration to contribute positively to society, we introduced 'Volunteering Leave.' This benefit allows our employees to take a day of paid leave to engage in volunteer work that matters to them, reflecting our team's spirit of generosity and community service.
  • <span class='gradient-text'>Pet-Friendly </span> Environment
    Pet-Friendly Environment

  • At Missafir, we value every family member, including those with four legs. That's why we've launched a pioneering initiative in Turkey: 'Pawternity Leave.' This program grants Missafir team members who adopt pets three days of paid leave to welcome their new furry family members home.
  • Expanding our mission to provide comfort to humans and animals, we've introduced 'Missafir Homes for Paws' in various Istanbul locations. These shelters are part of our effort to offer a haven to street animals, aiming to grow this project and inspire startups globally toward social responsibility.
  • Our dedication to care and community includes our partnership with Petopy, offering at-home healthcare services for pets. This collaboration ensures our team members can access discounted and free video consultation services from experienced veterinarians, bringing peace of mind directly to their homes.
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