Trending Wall Color Ideas for the Upcoming Winter

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Now that winter is approaching and we are all starting to spend more time indoors, redecoration is one of the best options to transform our living space into a warmer and more cozy atmosphere! The starting point for a special change from head to toe should be the wall color. Just as our furniture and their arrangement of them reflect the main aesthetics of our room, our walls set the tone that frames these aesthetics. The right colors and patterns can create a perfect combination with our furniture. In order to make the best decision in this regard, it is also important to gain some insight about color theory and how colors affect our overall mood. 

You should also consider the intended use of your rooms and the different moods you want to set in each room. For example, warm and dynamic tones may not be a good idea for spaces that should have a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. A calming baby blue is amazing for your bathroom, but it may come off as too muted for a vibrant space like the kitchen. The square meters of your rooms is also a detail that should be kept in mind when choosing the wall color you will use. In small spaces, dark and dominant colors will make the room look narrow and overwhelming, whereas light colors create an illusion of a wider and more spacious room.

Considering our color choices can significantly dominate our psyche and emotions, let’s talk about the most stylish wall color and wallpaper ideas suitable for this season’s trends.

Warm Hues and Tropical Patterns

We should start off with some wall colors and wallpapers that will warm you up on cold winter days- tropical patterns and warm hues that will turn your home into a colorful holiday paradise! You can especially use bright orange, red and yellow tones in your dining room or around your dining table. But keep in mind that although red and its variations create an energetic and dynamic atmosphere, these colors can also have a negative and eye-straining effect when used in the wrong way.

Baker-Miller Pink Wall Color

Let’s continue with another interesting wall color suggestion for you. According to research, this color, also known as Baker-Miller pink, has a remarkable effect on slowing down our heartbeat and reducing emotions like anger and aggression. To make the most of this sweet color, which is surprisingly most commonly used in penitentiaries, you can combine it with pink or powder-colored flowers and light-colored furniture to give the room a fresh garden feel. You can go one step further and add linen fabrics and off-white accents to create a calm and stress-reducing elegance. Pink is always ideal for creating a sophisticated and fairytale-like atmosphere!

Noble Shades of Purple

If you were living in Europe a couple of centuries ago, we probably wouldn’t be able to offer you such a wall color suggestion, because unless you were a member of the royal family, you were forbidden to use purple… Fortunately, we live in modern times and you can work wonders with dozens of shades of purple, especially in your bedroom! Combining lavender and violet tones with gold and metallic accessories can make you feel as elegant and sophisticated as if you were living in a magnificent palace in the 16th century.

Olive Green Wall Color

Olive green is definitely one of the color tones that has been on the rise lately. This gorgeous shade of green; which evokes abundance, fertility, peace and the refreshing power of nature, can create different moods when paired with different colors. For example, it is better to use it with white and cream tones for an even more serene look, on the other hand you should use it with darker colors for a sharper and bolder statement.

Petrol Blue and Wood Combination

Blue is a versatile color that sparks creativity and could be calming at the same time, and it will never stop being on trend no matter what. Mixed with a little dark green, arises a seductive shade that reminds you of the deepest and darkest parts of the sea: Petrol blue. You can highlight this intense and impressive wall color in many different ways, but our suggestion would be to combine it with wooden furniture for a much more majestic and noble look. 

Of course you have endless options with thousands of shades and patterns, but for now, these are our favorite wall color suggestions. If you need more ideas for your next step in home decoration, you can also check out our blog post titled Home Decoration Tips For Budget-Friendly Interior Design.

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