Unusual Home Design Styles for Those Looking for A Unique Elegance

home design styles

If you are tired of clichés in home decoration, if you are looking for innovations that you cannot find anywhere, you are at the right place. With the home design styles we have compiled for you, you can reflect a unique style in your living space that is far from ordinary.

Home Design Styles Inspired by Cities

Marrakech Home Design

home design - Marrakech

Oriental, exotic, seductive, mystical… These are the right words to describe the colorful and dazzling Marrakech style. In this style, which takes its inspiration from the interior designs of Moroccan houses, the simplicity of lime white and blue tones identified with the Mediterranean are combined with ethnic patterns and striking colors, resulting in a hypnotizing image.

Parisian Home Design

You can witness the impressive dance of old and new, simplicity and pomp in this style that will bring the dazzling look of Paris apartments to your home. Although soft and neutral colors are dominant in this design style, we also see that an assertive emphasis is added to the atmosphere with striking tones in smaller spaces.

Tuscany Interior Design

home design - Tuscany

Since we are going through the home design models of the most special cities in the world, let’s get to know the Tuscan style now. In this design model, soothing earth tones are accompanied by the warmth of natural wood. The place of iron and lighting is also quite big in the interior design of Tuscan houses.

Interior Design Styles Inspired by Nature

Tropical Home Design

If you want to feel the Bahamian breezes in your living room and catch the taste of summer even in the middle of winter, the tropical design will be the right choice for you. In this style, where bamboo, wicker, and rattan are the most preferred materials, you can crown the color palette dominated by light tones with dark green and peach tones.

Urban Jungle Design

Do you want to experience the wild charm of the rainforest from the comfort of your home? Then embrace the urban jungle trend. What you need to do for this is to fill your living space with enough plants to leave no room for you. Of course, do not ignore the place of wood, wicker, and earth tones in this style. If you want to examine one of the most beautiful examples of the urban jungle style, you can take a look at our house called Aphotic.

Mediterranean Home Design

home design - Mediterranean

Let’s talk about a style that we are perhaps most familiar with among the home design models we have discussed, but which we still do not know enough about. This is a design style that draws attention with its color palette that includes the turquoise of the Mediterranean waters, the emerald green of nature, and the yellow of the hot sun. Spacious and imposing furniture, mosaics, and wrought iron are also prominent pieces of this style.

Rustic Home Design

home design styles - Rustic

Imagine yourself in a chalet. The warmth of the wood is balanced by the coldness of the stone. Wool blankets wrap around the house. Brick walls, neutral colors, the simple beauty of nature… Let’s choose a rustic style to bring all of these to your living space.

Interior Design Styles Inspired by Designers

Bauhaus Home Design

There is no room for excess in the Bauhaus style, the key elements of which are function, plain and clear lines, flexibility, and natural materials. It can be seen how important lighting is in this style, which brings a different interpretation to the modern look.

Rietveld House Design

Sharp and clear lines, the harmony of modern and classic, functional aesthetics… All of these lie in this style created from the chair designed by architect Gerrit Rietvel. The glamorous dance of the red-yellow-blue trilogy also draws attention to the houses decorated with this style in mind.

Palladian Design

home design styles - Palladian

Symmetry, balance, proportion… If we were to list the most important points of the Palladian style, this trio would come first. While the tones of white and cream, which are frequently encountered in such interiors, add freshness to the environment, the tones of blue and green, which are also prominent in the color palette of Palladian houses, create a calm and serene ambiance.

Home Design Styles Inspired by the Periods

Art Nouveau Home Design

This style, which is reminiscent of Art Deco in many ways, is the embodiment of elegance, glamor, and feminine aesthetics. The fascinating characteristic of this design style, in which curvy lines, floral patterns, and exaggerated touches are often used, cannot be denied.

Directoire Design

Perhaps one of the rarest styles among home design models, the Directoire is one of the most common styles. Born at the end of the 18th century, this style is ideal for those who want to create a sophisticated living space. It is in your hands to create a decoration worthy of kings and queens with a directoire design where neoclassical and antique furniture and accessories are at the forefront.

Steampunk Home Design 

home design styles - Steampunk

For the steampunk style that brings the atmosphere of the 19th century’s groundbreaking Industrial Revolution to homes, we can say that it is a magnificent combination of Victorian, industrial and gothic design. Bare metal pipes, copper, old maps, leather, and wood are the most common items we encounter in living spaces where this design model is adopted.

Other Interior Design Styles

All these styles are sure to inspire you to decorate your home. If you want to go with a more simple yet elegant style, you can check out our “Refresh Your Soul With Minimalist Home Decoration” blog as well.

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