Refresh Your Soul With Minimalist Home Decoration

minimalist home decoration

The “Less is more” philosophy which radically changed the world of modern design and architecture has guided many new movements over the years since it first surfaced. One of the disciplines it gave birth to was minimalism, which emerged as a visual art and music movement in the 1960s. In recent years, we have started to see the minimalism trend, which has started to come to life in different branches of art and craft, also in the field of home decoration. In this article, we have compiled for you what you wonder about minimalist home decoration, which is gaining momentum. Let’s get to know the minimalist home decoration style that brings elegance to living spaces in a plain and simple manner. 

Minimalist Living Room Decoration

minimalist living room decoration

Minimalism style can be applied in many different ways in living rooms, where we spend the most time in our home. But no matter how wide this variety offers, the idea of ​​minimalist home decoration in living rooms is based on the same foundation: Get rid of the clutter. 

As we can see in the examples of minimalist living room decoration, where functionality is emphasized, the use of less furniture brings a spacious ambiance to the environment. 

Among the indispensable colors of minimalist living rooms, we often encounter white, cream, beige, and brown tones. Light shades of green and blue come to the aid of those who want to create a more lively atmosphere in minimalist living rooms. In order to bring the simplicity of naturalness to minimalist living rooms, materials such as light wood, rattan, and jute are generally used. 

Since usability is at the forefront in minimalist living rooms, try to avoid filling the place with too many accessories. To add flow to a living room dominated by minimalism, you can go with living room plants provided that they are not used too exaggeratedly. 

Minimalist Bedroom Decoration

minimalist bedroom decoration

According to Sleep Foundation, clutter in the bedroom negatively affects sleep quality. For this reason, bedrooms are perhaps one of the most suitable areas to apply the minimalism style. 

Minimalism shows itself in different areas in bedrooms. For example, in headboards and bedsteads, we often come across simple yet elegant materials and designs. While the headboards are usually made of wood, there are traces of the Far East style in the designs of the bed frames. 

In order to minimize the messy appearance, large and closed models are preferred for wardrobes. Plants or mirrors with simple lines can be used as decorative elements, provided that they are not overdone. These design elements also add a fresh and heartwarming atmosphere to the bedroom, reinforcing the most important effects of minimalism. 

Also, it is important not to fall into the variety of textures and patterns in bedroom-specific home textile products. 

Frequently Encountered Minimalist Home Decoration Elements

There are several design elements that are commonly used while reflecting the minimalist home decoration style. We can list them as follows:

  • Monochromatic color scale

Using different tones of a single color together creates an eye-pleasing and harmonious look. Especially the combinations curated with tones selected from the range of light colors are among the “sine qua non” of minimalist home decoration. 

  • Geometric Pattern 

Geometric patterns, one of the indispensables of modern elegance, help you construct an assertive look. 

  • Modular Furniture 

Modular furniture, which allows a single item to serve more than one purpose, is the choice of those who want to establish a tidy environment by saving space.

What to Avoid for Minimalism in Home Decoration?

In minimalist living spaces, it is necessary to choose understated design elements that will not cause visual clutter. For this reason, it is useful to stay away from the following design elements and approaches as much as possible in order to adopt the minimalism style in the best way. Here are the design choices that have no place in the minimalist style:

  • Too much pattern and texture diversity
  • Excessive use of negative (empty) space
  • No room for accessories 
  • An appearance lacking personal touches

Although minimalist houses are the embodiment of elegance, they may not appeal to everyone’s taste. If you are looking for different suggestions to add a new breath to your home, we recommend you review our blog named “Home Decoration: Tips to Beautify Your Home’s Interior Design”. 

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  1. This article beautifully highlights the elegance and simplicity of minimalist home decoration. Embracing minimalism not only enhances the aesthetics of our living spaces but also promotes a sense of calm and tranquility. I’m inspired to declutter and create a serene oasis in my own home

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