Inspiring Tips for Small Kitchen Design

small kitchen design

The kitchen can often be overlooked when considering the design touches that turn homes into cozy, intimate, and eye-catching living spaces. Still, kitchens, where the heart of the house beats and a process that feeds not only our body but also our soul comes to life, deserve to be under the spotlight during the design process. However, kitchen design can be seen as challenging, especially since house structures in big cities bring along small kitchens. In this article, we have listed some tips for small kitchen design to inspire you. Let’s take a look at style hacks that will help you create a unique example of a small kitchen design. 

Wonders of Storage Space

The process of preparing food is an enjoyable activity for some, and a magical ritual that should be taken very seriously for others. In this process, it is necessary to reveal the right flavor combinations and to make the right interventions that will give each ingredient its due. This situation creates the need for many tools and equipment in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, kitchens tend to turn into an area that can easily seem messy. 

When it comes to small kitchen designs, the first storage solutions that come to mind also play the role of a real savior. You can save space and create a stylish ambiance in your small kitchen with a shelving system in the size and shape of your kitchen’s architecture. Do not hesitate to explore the countless material and color alternatives you can choose from in selecting shelves by considering the design style that dominates your kitchen. 

Apart from the shelf, one of the solutions that will help you use your small kitchen efficiently is multi-purpose cabinets. You can create an eye-pleasing atmosphere while making effective use of the space with multi-purpose cabinets that can come in different styles, materials, and colors. 

Small Kitchen Design Hero – Dining Nook

small kitchen design - dining nook

If you do not live in a spacious and convenient house in terms of square meters and number of rooms, your kitchen has to be a place where you can enjoy the meals you prepare. Therefore, a large part of the kitchen is occupied by the dining tables, which restrict the movement area. You can count on dining nooks to create a useful dining area in your small kitchen. You can choose from the design style you apply to your small kitchen for dining nooks that provide elegance and usefulness while allowing you to evaluate the dead corners.

Different alternatives such as wood, metal, or glass await you when choosing a table for dining nooks, which may come with different seating solutions such as benches, armchairs, and chairs. 

Artistic Touches on the Small Kitchen Design Process

While redesigning your small kitchens, it is possible to focus on space-saving solutions. However, accessories deserve to be one of the indispensable elements of kitchen design. Choosing accessories in a way that will not create a messy effect in your kitchen requires a careful and meticulous elimination process. 

For this, we recommend small house plants such as succulents, multifunctional decorative items that serve other purposes, and wall decorations. 

Color and Light Games

One of the solutions you can apply in the design of your small kitchen is to use colors or lighting that will create the impression of a more heartwarming space. 

Capture Harmony with Light Color Shades!

Missafir - small kitchen design - light colors

It is possible to make the space appear larger and wider than it is by applying light-colored paint or wallpaper on the walls of your small kitchen. Although champagne or cream tones are often preferred in kitchens, if you want to reflect a bold and assertive style, you can also turn to mint, lilac, or peach in light shades. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to the walls in your kitchen when it comes to color. If you have kitchen cabinets in dark tones, light-colored cabinet paints and covering papers will come to your aid. 

Believe in the Power of Lighting!

Kitchens are not among the first application areas when considering lighting solutions in home decoration. Small kitchens, mostly illuminated by ceiling lighting, are doomed to a dark and flattened appearance. However, with the right lighting, you can turn your small kitchen into a spacious area. 

Under-cabinet LED strip lighting, which we frequently encounter in kitchens, is one of the applications that allow you to design the kitchen of your dreams. In addition, sconces that you can mount on the counter or in other areas and wall decorations made with LED strip lighting are among the options that will add sparkle to your small kitchen design. 

If you need an example to enlighten your way about small kitchen decoration, check out our Glavani Queen house. 

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