Life at Missafir

Missafir's organizational culture is based on the values of equality, justice, inclusion and diversity. Various social benefits and practices that will create the ground and positive atmosphere for the talents to realize themselves are adopted as an integral part of the employer identity.

Equal Opportunity

We aim that all individuals under the umbrella of Missafir experience a career journey in which they have equal opportunities, regardless of any identity factors, by being evaluated only in line with their abilities and potential. In this direction, we position the principle of Gender Equity, which is determined within the scope of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as one of our core values.

Pawternity Leave

Every member of the Missafir family is important to us. For this reason, we broke new ground in Turkey to celebrate this beautiful development in the lives of our teammates who adopted an animal in need of a home, and to allow them to spend time with the new family they have established with their pawed children. Thanks to this new permit we named Pawternity Leave, Missafir adopters will be able to take advantage of 3 days of paid leave, so they can spend more time with their new family members in the adaptation process.

Sabbatical Leave

As part of the opportunities we have created for each Missafir individual to realize their dreams and improve themselves, we have implemented the Sabbatical Leave application, which is rarely seen in the startup world. Our team members who have worked at Missafir for a long time and met the necessary conditions can use this leave to take a break from their careers in order to take the next step of their personal journey and spare time for their personal and professional development.

Menstrual Leave

As Missafir, we are aware of how troublesome the menstrual process can be. For this reason, thanks to the Menstrual Leave we have put into practice, our colleagues can work from home 2 days a month without coming to the office. We see this practice as an important step in terms of equal opportunity in our working environment.

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