Life at Missafir

As Missafir, we are taking firm steps toward realizing the social responsibility vision we have adopted within the scope of our mission to transform this world into a better home for everyone through various projects and initiatives. While keeping our homes alive, we are working to give life to many different ideas, dreams, and efforts.



Being a proud member of the International PropTech for Good alliance, we embrace Gender Equality within the scope of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as one of our core values that shape our culture and our approach to business. We aim to add value to the world in line with the principle of the Sustainable Cities and Communities goal as well.

Better Homes for Better Future Initiative

We launched our Better Homes for Better Future initiative as part of our sustainability vision. With this initiative, we use energy-saving LED bulbs and A+ energy series white goods in our Missafir Special Homes. In addition, we select reusable products to minimize plastic waste in our homes. We also plan to realize our zero waste vision in these homes that proudly carry the Travel Sustainable badge on Booking.

TEMA Foundation Partnership​

We are on our way to implementing a cooperation project with the TEMA Foundation for a sustainable world. As part of this partnership, we donate a certain amount of the income from the accommodation in our Missafir Concept houses, where we put our Better Homes for Better Future initiative into practice, to the TEMA Foundation.

Equal Opportunity​

We aim that all individuals under the umbrella of Missafir experience a career journey in which they have equal opportunities, regardless of any identity factors, by being evaluated only in line with their abilities and potential. In this direction, we position the principle of Gender Equity, which is determined within the scope of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as one of our core values.

Menstrual Leave​

As Missafir, we are aware of how troublesome the menstrual process can be. For this reason, thanks to the Menstrual Leave we have put into practice, our colleagues can work from home 1 day a month without coming to the office. We see this practice as an important step in terms of equal opportunity in our working environment.

Women Entrepreneur Support Program

We know how important the support of people and institutions who believe in you and your dreams is in the challenging conditions of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In this context, as part of our Equal Opportunity principle, we aim to purchase decorative elements from women entrepreneurs and display their handicrafts in our Missafir Concept houses. At the same time, we plan to encourage our guests to buy other products both on display and on sale.

Parental Leave

New additions to the Missafir family are always welcomed! Missafir team members who will/have become new mothers can take paid leave for 12 weeks, and those who have become new fathers can be with their families by taking paid leave for 4 weeks. In addition, we are gifting a newborn package to our new parent teammates whose families have grown with a new member, to help them start this exciting new adventure of their lives.

Pawternity Leave

Every member of the Missafir family is important to us. For this reason, we broke new ground in Turkey to celebrate this beautiful development in the lives of our teammates who adopted an animal in need of a home, and to allow them to spend time with the new family they have established with their pawed children. Thanks to this new permit we named Pawternity Leave, Missafir adopters will be able to take advantage of 3 days of paid leave, so they can spend more time with their new family members in the adaptation process.

Misafir Homes for Paws

As Missafir, we have made it our mission to open our doors to those who are looking for a comfortable home in many parts of Turkey. We expanded this task to include our pawed friends struggling to survive on the street and we implemented the Missafir Homes for Paws project at various points in Istanbul. We aim to add new ones to our little Missafir houses which host our friends on the streets, to expand our project further, and to become an inspiring example in the startup world in terms of social responsibility.

Petopy Partnership

While we keep goodness and friendship alive, of course, we think about pawed members of Missafir as well. Thus, we partnered with Petopy, which offers cat & dog heatlcare services at home. With this partnership, our teammates can use Petopy's services in home comfort with a discount from experienced veterinarians and a free-of-charge video consultation service.

Sabbatical Leave

As part of the opportunities we have created for each Missafir individual to realize their dreams and improve themselves, we have implemented the Sabbatical Leave benefit, which is rarely seen in the startup world. Our team members who have worked at Missafir for a long time and met the necessary conditions can use this leave to take a break from their careers in order to take the next step of their personal journey and spare time for their personal and professional development.

Volunteering Leave

Every member of the Missafir family desires to contribute and add value to society, nature, and life. We wanted to reward the kindness and goodness in the hearts of our team members so we implemented our Volunteering Leave benefit. Thanks to this new leave, our teammates can take advantage of 1 day of paid leave and spare time for a volunteer project of their dreams.

Flexible & Hybrid Working Model

With our flexible working hours system, Missafir team members can start their day with sports or an activity they enjoy and then come late in the morning, while those who wish can leave early and spend time with their loved ones or hobbies. In addition, our hybrid working model allows our teammates to find time for activities where they can make their dreams come true while working from home.

Share & Learn Courses

Each member of Missafir is passionate about not only their work but also their non-work interests and can share this passion with each other. Thanks to our Share & Learn Courses, our teammates can organize training on a subject they are interested in and have knowledge of while other Missafir members can enjoy widening their horizons and their knowledge

Education Leave

Learning is a never-ending adventure for us and we do not want it to end. At Missafir, our culture of continuous learning no longer only covers our work, thanks to our newly launched Education Leave benefit. Missafir team members, who want to continue their academic life from where they left off, can carry out their work and education together by taking advantage of this benefit, provided that they complete their weekly working hours.

Accommodation Scholarship

We have implemented our Accommodation Scholarship to support the education of young people who will shape our future. And so, we provide support for the housing needs of students who come to a new home in order to have a brilliant education life and then a successful career, to help them move forward in the comfort of their home.

Mental Health Support Program

We care deeply about the physical and mental health of our teammates. So, we implemented our Mental Health Support Program. Thanks to our cooperation with Sone Psychology, Missafir members can benefit from 3 free and then discounted psychological counseling services whenever they want. At the same time, they can gain awareness about mental health through monthly seminars.

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