Airbnb Hosts: Excellent Reviews in 11 Steps

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If you want to be an Airbnb hosts, we can give you some tips in addition to Airbnb requirements that will increase your customer satisfaction.

In this article, we will talk about the ways that will please your customers who rent your place for short-term. Getting good comments is the precondition for being a super host. You can maximize your Airbnb revenue by increasing your number of guests while getting good reviews and moving towards becoming a super host.

As you move towards becoming a super Airbnb hosts, we can distinguish what you need to do to increase guest satisfaction before you rent out your house, during the Airbnb check-in process and when your guests are about to arrive.

Before you list your house on Airbnb


1.Get permission from your landlord

If you are not the landlord, you might need to inform your landlord about renting out the place. Airbnb legally expects you to do that. If you did not rent out your place with permission, this may result in unwanted surprises while your Airbnb guests stay in your house, which will negatively affect your host score.

2.Determine your target guests

Before you sing up on the Airbnb website as a Host, you must determine your target guests. For example: if your house is in the exciting central part of the city it would be better for you to target young people who would care about the location, not the luxury and comfort. And if you have a house in a very decent district, you can target customers with families who seek comfort.

3.Make your house attractive to your guests

If you want to be a good Airbnb hosts, after you decide on your target audience/guests, make your house appealing for your guests. To do that, list the stuff that your target guests might need. Make sure that you have everything ready for your guests. Also, by decorating your house, you can make sure your house stands out amongst other Airbnb Turkey houses. You can do that by obtaining Airbnb professional photo shooting help.

During the Airbnb Check-in Process

Before the check-in process, it would be beneficial for you to read the guideline. If you say that you cannot check-in, you can check out the FAQ (frequently asked question) page or see whether if there is anything illegal going on. Make sure you read the recommendations under the title of becoming an Airbnb host and carefully ponder and plan before your check-in.


4.Lay down rules that are clear and simple

A super Airbnb host should only set out essential rules. For instance, it is understandable and tolerable that you want to avoid/ban smoking in your apartment. However, while setting out the rule, it would be better to state that you have a place like a balcony in your apartment that is allowed to smoke. Rules should not be too strict. If your neighbors do not have a problem with pets in the house, your Airbnb house would stand out, if you allow pets in the house.

5.State the reasons that would make your house stand out amongst others 

As the Airbnb hosts, you know your house the best. It would make the expectation of guests more realistic if you specify the advantages and disadvantages of the house. If there is any reason that distinguishes your house from other houses, make sure to mention them.

6.Get support on Airbnb super host listing 

You can maximize your profit by getting professional support from companies that prepare your house for the check-in process. These companies take care of a variety of tasks from photoshoots to cleaning. Missafir  is the first and only platform that works as an intermediary in Turkey.

Before Your Guests Arrive



7.Make sure that your house is clean

A super Airbnb host keeps the house clean all the time. Ensure that your house is ready and clean for your guests before they arrive. Sheets and towels should be cleaned/washed. Your new guests should feel as if they are the first ones to stay in your house.

8.Provide information for your guests

Providing information about the location of your house, transportation, touristic places, 24/7 open markets and many more is important for becoming an Airbnb Super Host. You can prepare detailed information notes that will help your guests to enjoy their stay. Also, as a responsible Airbnb host, you can leave your address and phone details in case of emergencies.

9.Surprise your guests with small things

As an Airbnb Super host, you can please your guests with small surprises. Preparing a plate with only Turkish goods, surprising your guests with traditional foods would increase your host score.

10.Be reachable

It’s important to be reachable when your guests are staying at your house. Unexpected events like the explosion of water pipes and urgent events like the emergence of fire can be experienced. Make sure you are available for this and inform your guests that they can reach you at any time.

11.If something goes wrong, be calm and solution-oriented.

As an Airbnb host, you should know that it is not possible to dope out every problem. As well as not having any problems, it is important for you to know how to handle the problems to become an Airbnb super host. In case of any unexpected events be calm. Solve the problem in a way that your guests are least harmed and keep your guests informed at all time. By doing that you can make sure that your guests feel safe. You will not get bad reviews and your solution-oriented structure will help you get better reviews.

Being an Airbnb super host takes a lot of time and effort, but the excellent comments will motivate you to provide much better service.

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