Airbnb Turkey: Its Start, Structure and Functioning

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Airbnb Turkey has started nearly eight years ago and since its start, it has flourished rapidly. As an intermediary in this industry, we are planning to inform you about the activities of Airbnb Turkey in this article.

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations in the world for Airbnb due to its tourism sector. Regardless of the weather, the intense tourism in Istanbul and active Mediterranean and Aegean coasts during summer increased the need for housing which made housing apps like Airbnb more popular and recognizable in Turkey.

Airbnb Turkey’s Start

Airbnb Turkey started its activities in 2010. The extraordinary journey to renting out houses online started with only 76 houses at first and now it reached up to 40375 houses. There is a total of 8899 hosts who checked-in to Airbnb houses in Istanbul at the moment. The growth that increased significantly in 2014, reached its peak this year. Since Airbnb’s first start in the housing sector of Turkey, the annual average growth rate is 23%. Now, there are currently 14073 housing advertisements in Istanbul. In the later years, it is assumed that Airbnb Turkey will become more popular and more people will rent out their houses temporarily. Because, apart from foreign tourists, domestic tourists and people who travel for work have started using Airbnb for accommodation.

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Airbnb Turkey’s Structure

Even though it’s said that Airbnb is illegal in Turkey, actually, Airbnb Turkey is carrying out its legal activities nonstop. So yeah, it is just a rumor, Airbnb is Legal! We even have a blog post on this matter. Don’t forget to check our blog post: “Is Airbnb Legal? I want to rent my house”.

As long as you fulfill your tax responsibilities, there is no legal problem with renting out your apartment. When you list your house on Airbnb all the legal responsibilities and obligations are explained to you beforehand, however, it is your responsibility to fulfill them.

Unfortunately, there is not an Airbnb office in Istanbul. However, the head office is in San Francisco and the closest office to Istanbul is in Italy. Yes, we know, it is not close but we are expecting one in Istanbul soon!

Airbnb Turkey’s Functioning

Airbnb opened its Turkish website in 2012. It serves through address. It is possible to create an account as a host or a guest. Airbnb is currently being used in high populated cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, and Bursa. In addition to these cities, it is possible to find accommodation and rent houses almost anywhere in Turkey.

Airbnb Turkey allows you to rent out your whole house or just a room of the house. This year in Istanbul, %44 of Airbnb Host,rent out their whole houses and %52 of them rent out a room and %3 shared a room with their guests. When you log in to Airbnb, you are supposed to state how you want to rent out your apartment/house.

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Airbnb Istanbul’s average daily rent price is approximately 260 TL. Due to higher demand, these prices might increase during summer. When you carry out the check-in process of your house through Airbnb, looking at the average rent prices of your city can help you make more decent pricing decision and reach more guests. While Airbnb Istanbul’s occupancy rate is 30% in-between months of October-March, this percentage goes up to 80% in April/September.

Overall, Airbnb’s presence in Turkey is highly efficient in terms of both tourists and hosts. A lot of domestic and foreign tourists have great experiences in their Airbnb Houses thanks to our hospitable guests. This contributes to the country’s tourism and economy. Airbnb Turkey’s operations have created a new trading area and thus, many people now get to experience the easiest way to find accommodation.

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