Study Room Decoration Ideas to Increase Productivity

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As the concept of “home office” has become widespread because of the pandemic, we’ve started to make use of our study rooms much more often. Although it is not one of the spaces that we usually prioritize, study room decoration is actually very important. Because let’s face it, providing a productive and efficient workflow is more challenging than we think. We have the chance to focus a lot better in the comfort of our own homes rather than in an office cube. A study room designed with the right pieces can help us increase our motivation and minimize distractions. The atmosphere that your workspace offers you should be comfortable and peaceful in order to balance the anxiety caused by long meetings, tiring projects and general work stress. Let’s examine our best study room decoration ideas that have the potential to make your home office a magnificent place that can inspire you like a muse.

Minimalist Study Room Decoration


Our first and most preferred study room decoration suggestion is to adopt a clean and organized approach, free from chaos and clutter. Especially if you are an easily distracted person, having a minimum number of items around you will prevent your focus from shifting to other things. In order to make your minimalist style even more aesthetic, you can choose white and beige tones and create a more put-together but still plain atmosphere.

Study Room Decoration with a Touch of Blue

It is important to remember that all colors can have different effects on our brains. It is a proven fact that blue strengthens our focusing skills and memory. By sprinkling your favorite shades of blue in your study room decoration, you can create a space that both appeals to your eyes and stimulates your mind. If you want to take this one step further, you can also add orange and create a more striking elegance with this contrast.

Inspiration Boards

It can be said that one of the most useful trends nowadays are inspiration boards. Wouldn’t you like to be cheered up by seeing your biggest dreams, your life goals and inspiring quotes that motivate you the most when you catch your eye on the wall in the most intense moments of your work shift? You can create a meaningful collage of the pieces that mean a lot to you and hang it on top of your table and get some mental support from this exciting image when you are struggling the most.

Wall Mounted Desks

If you need to save space, a hinged “desk” that can be mounted on the wall can be a useful piece for your home. Likewise, by choosing a folding chair you can easily use the space occupied by these items for other activities when you are not working.

Study Room Decoration with Organizer Pieces

If you are someone who deals with a lot of small items such as paper, pens, post-its, staplers, etc. while working, organizer pieces that can keep your space tidy while at the same time creating a magnificent image can be life-saving. Wire baskets, tiny shelves and pencil holders that match the color palette of the rest of your room will prevent clutter and create an environment where you can work comfortably and practically.

Your Best Friend By Your Side

If you want your little pets to be by your side in the most stressful moments of your work you can move one of their favorite beds and toys to your study and get your pets used to this room. 

Wireless Lamps

Wireless desk lamps are perhaps one of the most necessary items to achieve a less cluttered look. You can improve the quality of your study room with a wireless, stylish and eye-friendly desk lamp instead of dealing with cables that can constantly get stuck in your feet or lamps that will not reach the ideal spot you want to put them.

These are all we can suggest you for a functional, creativity-encouraging and spacious study room decoration for now. If you need more ideas for the rest of your home, you can also take a look at our blog post called Decorative Home Accessories 2023 Trends. Keep up the good work!

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