Scandinavian Design Ticks to Refresh Your Living Space 

Scandinavian design tips with Missafir

Want to breathe new life into your living space but need help deciding which design style to apply? If you want a modern, simple yet assertive look, meet Scandinavian design style! Inspired by the home design preferences of the Scandinavian Peninsula, this style will allow you to adopt not only a decoration but also a lifestyle. Here are 7 ways to bring the north winds into your home with the Scandinavian design style!

Scandinavian Home Decor Indispensable – Rugs 

When we think of Scandinavian interior design, invariable pieces come to our eyes. Rugs are one of them. Black, white, beige, and mink tones can be seen in Scandinavian rugs, dominated by linear patterns. You can create an authentic Scandinavian atmosphere, especially with real hand-woven options. 

Scandinavian Design Wonder Furniture

One of the most common design approaches in homes decorated in the Scandinavian style is furniture with modern, simple, and soft lines. We can say that light wood is the predominant choice in this design style, which has many common denominators with items in the minimalist style. You can create a simple elegance in your home with Scandinavian-style furniture where long-legged furniture, patternless fabrics, and minimal lines stand out. 

Focal Point 

Far from Concealment If you adopt the style approaches of Scandinavian home decoration, the focal point of your living space should be as simple and unpretentious as possible. The best solution you can turn to for this is abstract and minimal tables. Single-line drawings, black-and-white photographs, which have become very popular lately, and – if you are thinking of adding more color – works in the style of Kandinski are the elements that will complete the Scandinavian style.

Warm Fabrics

Cold, harsh, and long Scandinavian winters brought thick fabrics with them. Therefore, warm materials have a great place in the heart of houses decorated in Scandinavian style. You can obtain this style in your living space through home textiles by choosing thick fabrics for TV blankets, sofa covers, and other cover types. We recommend that you take care to make as simple choices as possible in terms of patterns in such products. 

Scandinavian Home Decoration Color Scale 

In countries where daylight cannot be benefited much, it was inevitable that home decoration choices would evolve to compensate for this. As a matter of fact, we can say that in Scandinavian design, light colors and neutral tones are predominantly used to make the house as bright and spacious as possible. We can also see dark blue, anthracite, dark brown, and gray tones for emphasis in Scandinavian homes, which can accommodate both warm and cold tones of white.

Scandinavian Design Priority: Functionality

In Scandinavian-style home decoration, there is no room for items that can cause an unnecessary, useless and messy look. For this reason, we have no doubt that multi-purpose cabinets, storage solutions, and modular furniture will be indispensable when you bring Scandinavian style to your home. The use of accessories is also the key to creating a functional decoration. Our suggestion would be room plants to add color and vitality to your living space.

The Power of Chandeliers in Lighting in the Scandinavian Design

We mentioned that functionality plays a significant role in Scandinavian homes, and design choices are made to adapt to less natural light. One of the elements that we can see the reflection of this is the lighting tools. In homes decorated in Scandinavian style, long pendulum chandeliers are often the lighting solution. Metal and wood are also the most preferred materials in chandeliers. 

If you want more inspiration about Scandinavian style, you can check out Ophelia house in our portfolio on Missafir Homes website. 

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