10 Bohemian Style Home Decoration Ideas for an Extraordinary Beauty

Bohemian style home decoration ideas by Missafir

Bohemian style home decoration inspired by nature remains among the most popular design styles of recent years. If you are looking for bohemian home decoration ideas to reflect your free spirit, mystical side, and unconventional taste in your home, you are at the right place. With the tips we have listed, you can give your home a natural and exotic character.

Bohemian Style Home Decor Star: Rattan Furniture

When it comes to bohemian-style homes, rattan is one of the favorite decoration material choices. Rattan furniture, which reflects the simple charm of nature in living spaces, is indispensable in bohemian homes. If you want to include this simple and durable material in your furniture choices, chairs, side tables, headboards, and multi-purpose cabinets are just for you!

Ethnic Inspirations in Your Home: Ottoman Poufs

One of the decorative elements that will add authentic touches to your living space and complete your bohemian style is the ottoman pouf. You can create a practical and integral decoration by positioning these poufs, especially in hand-woven fabric options, in front of your armchair or around your coffee table. These poufs can appeal to all tastes thanks to their different color and pattern options.

Imperative for Bohemian Homes: Macrame Wall Decorations

Handcrafted artisanal products have always been one of the pieces that cast that unique spirit into the living space. Bringing this approach to life on the walls is one of the most influential and impressive ways to reinforce your bohemian style. You can curate a unique atmosphere in your home with macrame wall decorations that pave the way for countless decorative orientations with different options, such as a branched pendulum with leaf motifs, rainbow knitted accessories, and the tree of life motif dream catchers.

Both Stylish and Useful: Jute Baskets

We are here with a proposal that will bring the raw beauty of nature to your home while saving space and creating a tidy look by offering storage space. These bohemian decorative elements, which can be used in different rooms of the house and make life easier, can also have various options of color, shape, motif, and style. Moreover, you can use jute baskets for flower pots, drawers, and cat beds. You can add movement to your home by using different sizes of jute baskets together.

50 Shades of Green: Houseplants

Of course, houseplants are another decoration suggestion that will bring vitality, freshness, and color to bohemian-style homes. Here, too, you have a lot of options. You can make a big living room plant the focal point, decorate your coffee table with miniature succulents and cacti, animate your walls with ivy models, or create a vertical garden by dedicating a bookcase to plants only. 

A Bohemian Style Traditional: Embroidered Pillows

A little nostalgic, a little flashy, very bohemian… Embroidered throw pillows are coming to bring the warmth of our grandmothers’ house to our living space. Among the bohemian home decoration accessories, countless options for embroidered throw pillows are rapidly increasing in popularity. However, our recommendation, if you have a little inclination, is to buy a punch needle set and start a do-it-yourself project and get creative to integrate this decorative element into your home.

A Bohemian Home Decor Classic: Wicker Accessories

When it comes to bohemian home style, one of the first materials that come to mind is wicker. You can choose wicker, one of the best examples of nature coming to life in living spaces, for accessories to enrich your bohemian decoration with both simple and stylish, and durable decorative elements. We can list vases, chandeliers, mirror frames, trinkets, and coasters as accessory options where wicker knitting can find a place in our home.

Romantic and Mysterious: Candle Holders, Candlesticks, and Lanterns

With candle holders, candlesticks, and lanterns, which are among the elements of boho chic, you can create ambiance light and complete the mystical atmosphere. Cast iron or carved candlestick, woven straw or ethnic patterned candle holder, Marrakech style and pendulum lantern… You can witness the dance of light in your home with these accessories, which come in different styles and usage.

Little Bohemian Style Touches: Spiritual Decor Objects

If your spiritual side is strong, or you want to reinforce this side of you by adding spiritual pieces to your living space, you are lucky. You can elevate the bohemian home style with different spiritual accessory alternatives such as incense holders, censers, Tibetan bowls, natural stone ornaments, decorative waterfalls, mini zen gardens, crystal spheres, and small gongs.

The Great Return of the Old: Chest Coffee Tables

Even though vintage furniture, accessories, and items are core elements of a different style, they can be seen frequently in bohemian homes. If you want to add vintage elements to your decoration without overshadowing the bohemian style in your home, we have a solution that fits both styles perfectly: chest coffee tables. Carrying the magnificence of the past to the living space in an unpretentious way, chest coffee tables are among the most beloved choices of bohemian style, as they place the simple magic and raw naturalness of wood at the heart of the house.

If you apply our bohemian decoration suggestions to your home, don’t forget to share the result with us! For more inspiration, you can check out our Bohemian ve Boho Chic homes on our Missafir Homes website. You can also visit our “Unusual Home Design Ideas” blog post for more info about other styles.

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