Airbnb Host: 6 Biggest Problems You’ll Face

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You want to rent your house and to make a high profit from it. As a result of your researches, you have learned that you can rent your home on Airbnb for a short period of time. Then, did you decide to be Airbnb Host? That’s excellent! It’s a splendid way to meet great people from all over the world, share the secrets of your city with newcomers and earn some money at the same time!

Of course, managing the Airbnb account has its own difficulties. From cleaning dirty sheets to pricing and getting acquainted, many problems are the part of being a host. Here are some of the problems that you’ll face about management as a host:

1.Meeting and Welcoming

Delay is inevitable when people travel to a new city over long distances. Transportation delays, navigation problems, and language barriers; can mean waiting for guests for hours for the host. This frustrating and inefficient situation will probably harm your work and your social commitments. Likewise, if you are late to meet your guests; you will have to work for making up for a bad first impression. Worse, if you have more than one property for hosting, meeting each guest can create not only a logistical nightmare but also a physical impossibility.

2.Protection and Security

Missafir rent a house Airbnb host İstanbul Turkey
Missafir provides safe hosting by choosing future guests carefully.

Did you say ‘I would like to rent my house for a short time’ and decided to host through Airbnb? It is important that you feel comfortable while hosting guests. Therefore, being selective in your choice of guests is the key to a pleasant stay for both sides. You minimize problems by avoiding people that cause problems and finding responsible and reliable people. Security is one of the most critical issues when it comes to Airbnb management. Therefore, you need to spend some time to keep your guests safe.

3.Damages and Repairments

Damage and repair problems are often expensive, time-consuming and can cause tension between you and your guests if not managed well. It is your responsibility to solve any problems from small disruptions such as broken bulbs and wi-fi errors to flood and fire. Damages and repairs are mostly time-sensitive and require immediate intervention. Therefore, such problems disrupt your daily work routine and cost money.

4.Delivering The Key

Passengers do not want to face complex turn-key processes after their exhausting and stressful journeys. Alternatively, simply leaving a key under the mat poses a serious safety risk for you and your guest. Therefore, turnkey can be the biggest nuisance for Airbnb hosts. This may result in a time-consuming, uncoordinated meeting and welcoming.

5.24/7 Support Through Airbnb Host

Would you be happy to receive a call from missing tourists in the middle of a business meeting? Worse still, would you like to wake up at 3 in the morning when your guests can’t find their way home from the bar? You must be available and able to respond to your guests at any time of the day to resolve any problems that may arise during booking.

6.Cleaning and Quilt Cover Set

Missafir Airbnb host İstanbul Turkey rent a house 

There is a need to leave a clean house for your guests and you need to take it further. Your guests will notice if your bathrooms are not spotless, the sheets are not freshly washed or food is left to rot in your refrigerator. It will likely have a negative impact on your reviews if you fail to provide a high standard of cleanliness, even if they were enjoying their stay by getting along with you. It will harm your reputation as an Airbnb Host.

You don’t have to worry about any of the problems above because “Missafir’’ is here to help you. We can manage all this for you and we can make you earn money peacefully.

If you think about how much you would earn if your house is rented; you can realize your house’s potential to get more income from it. Fill the ‘Get Offer’ form and see how much you can earn from your house.

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