What is a Tourism House? Turkey’s New Airbnb Law

turizm konutu nedir, what is a tourism house

What is a tourism house? What does it mean to have a house for tourism purposes? With the new Airbnb law, what awaits homeowners who use this system? What are the conditions to obtain a permit for a tourism house? The bill for homes to be used as tourist houses has been approved in parliament.

In this article, we will discuss developments still in the draft stage regarding renting homes for tourism purposes. You can find the details you’re curious about in our article.

What is a Tourism House?

turizm konutu nedir, what is tourism house

A tourism house, also known as a touristic house, refers to a type of property rented for no more than 100 days. This definition is mentioned in the regulations published in 2023 concerning the rental of houses for tourism purposes.

This means that every property owner who wishes to rent their home for short-term stays will now be subject to this law and must certify their property as a tourism house. If you’re curious about the law related to renting houses for tourism purposes, don’t forget to read our article.

What Does “House for Tourism Purposes”Mean?

A house for tourism purposes refers to renting residences to contribute to the tourism sector. Rentals of 100 days or fewer will be included under this category starting January 1, 2024. Those wishing to engage in daily rentals will be required to obtain a permit for a house intended for tourism purposes.

Rentals exceeding 100 days will continue as before, under annual contracts.

When one mentions a tourist house, the first thing that comes to mind is homes in summer vacation areas rented out for short terms. However, winter, cultural, and trips centered around food and drink are separate branches of tourism. Therefore, such houses can exist in any region with a distinctive and worth-visiting feature.

We mentioned that those who wish to rent homes for short periods must now obtain a permit. So, how is a tourism house permit obtained?

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To obtain your tourism house certificate, you need to apply to e-devlet (e-state of Turkiye). However, the process is still in the development phase. Once the procedure is finalized, you can find the answer to obtaining a tourism house permit on this page.

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Entry To The Identity Notification System is Mandatory

Entry into the identity notification system will be mandatory for those staying in houses intended for tourism accommodation. This system has been in use by the General Directorate of Security for some time, and sanctions will be imposed on homeowners who do not enter their guests into the system. Therefore, owners of tourism houses must register their guests in this system.

With Missafir, Turkey’s leading and pioneering brand in daily rental property management, when you rent out your home, we enter the identity notification system. You don’t have to worry about anything!

How to Obtain a Tourism House Permit? What Changes Will Occur Under the New Airbnb Law?

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The existing laws related to Airbnb were not conducive to distinguishing between short-term and long-term home rentals. Firstly, we can say that this situation will change. Now, we’ll be able to answer how many days constitute a short-term rental clearly. Under the new Airbnb law, any house rented for fewer than 100 days will fall under short-term rental and be defined as a tourism house. Another term that will be used is “tourist house.”

Another important issue is who will and won’t be able to engage in short-term rentals after this new law is implemented. With the new law, not everyone can easily rent out their homes for short term to generate additional income. There will be certain legal requirements for daily rentals.

After the bill becomes law, those wanting to rent a tourism house must obtain a permit and a plaque from the Ministry of Tourism. This plaque comes with a fee. In the new era, to continue renting out your home, you will need to display this plaque at the entrance of your property.

A crucial point is that only homeowners can apply for a tourism house permit. Responsibility for the rental of the house will lie with the homeowner or professional companies like Missafir, which is part of the TÜRSAB Group A. This is because the new law aims to curb illegal rentals without the property owner’s knowledge.

Measures are being taken to maintain peace among apartment residents. Therefore, unless there are changes to the proposed law, you will need the approval of your neighbors to rent your home for short terms. Once the official decisions are announced, we will share the outcomes with you and update our articles accordingly.

What Will the Proposed Law on Houses Used for Tourism Purposes Include?

100 gün kiralama düzenlemesi, rezidans kiralama

Tourism houses offer guests the comfort of a home and promise an experience different from traditional hotel stays. But are there rules for operating these tourism houses? The answer to this question is yes.

Countries have their legal regulations concerning the operation of tourism houses. These rules can vary by city or region. For instance, in some areas, you may be required to obtain specific licenses to rent your property for short terms, pay your taxes, and meet certain standards.

Platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, and Missafir assist homeowners in renting out their tourism houses for short periods, making the process smoother. Airbnb is a pioneering brand in this sector and is used by many people worldwide.

Airbnb is also frequently used in our country. In fact, in recent times, the number of individuals using Airbnb for short-term house rentals has considerably increased. The country’s current economic situation and laws toward renters have contributed to this. Homeowners have chosen to rent their properties for short terms using Airbnb to generate additional income.

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