Hospitality Industry is Transformed by A Start-up: Missafir

The place that you will choose for accommodation is more than just walls…

Accommodation area sometimes will be a sanctuary, meeting point for pleasant moments or a trustworthy source of income. Therefore, hospitality industry of the place that you will accommodate is very important.

How does Missafir transform the hospitality industry?

Missafir transforms the hospitality culture that is embroidered on ancient Anatolian lands into a unique source of earning. The hosts have an opportunity to get an efficient source of income. Missafir combines the modern dynamics of technology and benefit-oriented techniques of sharing economy as the first enterprise of this kind in Turkey. Missafir is rising on strong foundations and it has the potential to create different sectors. In this aspect, it clearly shows that this is a start-up that needs to be watched.

A unique enterprise with elaborate details

hospitality industry accommodation
Missafir is one of the most innovative ideas of the hospitality industry in recent years.

If you want to rent your house via Airbnb, Missafir manages the process of hosting guests for you with great care. From the marketing stage to the cleanliness of the house, from the safety rules to the reconciliation of both sides, each stage is progressing in a professional way. Missafir makes a difference with its expert staff, solution-oriented methods and sharing-based system. It gives the signals that it will create ideas that will set an example for different entrepreneurs.

The first attempt in Turkey!

Turkey is an attractive market for the sharing economy where technological transformations spread rapidly. Missafir is inspired by the hospitality culture of the society in Turkey. It successfully manages the dynamics such as turnkey, check-in – check-out process, cleaning, the scale of price changing in the market and communication between the sides. Guests enjoy a safe and peaceful living space, while landlords enjoy high incomes at the same time.

Airbnb accommodation sharing economy
Missafir will contribute to the development of the sharing economy in Turkey

Missafir: New generation of hospitality industry

Missafir combines technology and shared economy under the same roof. This comfortable system which is built with the modern dynamics of the age opens the doors to ideal accommodation. Missafir is inspired by the power of sharing the same space with different people and meeting new cultures. It clearly demonstrates that it should be monitored because of its future potential. Missafir is a pioneer and highly valuable start-up for Turkey. It enables both sides to have a peaceful process by solving the problems that may be experienced.

A sense of comfort and profit arising from the innovative thinking of young minds.

Yuksel, who is familiar with the details of travel and accommodation process with his Erasmus Program in Poland and his close friend Cem who is experienced in the tourism/hospitality industry. Missafir is rising in the hands of young and successful young people who are able to comprehend the needs of the age. Yuksel and Aleksandra, who have been awarded Airbnb SuperHost award 10 times in a row during their years of education in the UK, have mastered all the details of the process. Cem is experienced in tourism who has qualified ideas about operational solutions that are ideal for the sides. As a result of this strong partnership, Missafir continues its journey in order to carry its success to the top.

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