What is Airbnb? How can we use it? and Airbnb’s Brief History

Airbed & Breakfast would be the shortest answer to this question.In this article, while we answer the question of ‘What is Airbnb?’ , we will tell you the brief history of how it first came out. If you sometimes need extra money like Brian Chesky and his friends ‘lost boys’, we would like to tell you that your problem has been solved years ago. Now you can easily earn an income by renting out your whole house, one room or more to guests visiting your city. Withal, whether you are a guest or a host, Airbnb offers you secure service.

If you asked someone about what is Airbnb a few years ago, your chances of getting an answer were probably very low. Airbnb, which has been found by a few friends in San Francisco in 2007 with the purpose of making extra money by renting out their apartments. It has reached millions of people. I mean, if you go out on the street today and ask some random people what Airbnb is, you can see that many people know and have used Airbnb before.

What is Airbnb?

Basically, Airbnb is a website that gives you the opportunity to rent out your house temporarily to guests visiting your city. Airbnb is the biggest alternative accommodation platform. It connects people who want to rent out their houses with people who are looking for accommodation. Today, there are 4 million houses in the world registered to Airbnb and every night 2 million people stays in these houses. Impressive, right?

Airbnb home rental service quickly spread all over the world after it was founded in 2007 in San Francisco. Today Airbnb Turkey is also growing rapidly and offering the most popular rental service in Istanbul. Eveyone knows answer of what is Airbnb question well.

How to use Airbnb?

We are suppose that you got what is Airbnb question pretty well. You can register as a guest or a host on Airbnb. After you log in to Airbnb, you can search for apartments in the city you are planning to go, you can get further information on hosts and houses. Furthermore, you can even see the comments from other guests who previously rented the house.

If you want to provide Airbnb home rental service, once you prepared your house’s profile, you can make it public on Airbnb and start hosting. You can refer to our previous articles about what you need to do attract guests to your house.

You can carry out your log-in and check-in procedures on www.airbnb.com.tr address. For Airbnb rental services, you can search for houses in the city you are planning to visit and you can list your house by clicking on ‘host a home’ link.

How to use Airbnb? Airbnb does not offer a hotel-like accommodation service. With Airbnb, people providing and receiving accommodation are in communication with each other during the stay. Thereby, guests get the chance to meet many people from the region and learn more about the city they visit.  As for Airbnb Host, they also get the chance to meet a lot of people from different regions and cultures. If you are still wondering what Airbnb is. Go visit the website and experience a stay with Airbnb on your next trip or open your house to guests and start hosting. Keep in mind that experience is the best teacher.

Now if you are saying ‘I want to rent out my house on Airbnb’ and get a high profit from it, you can fill out the form on our ‘Get Offer’ page and see how much you will earn from it.

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