Airbnb Account: Current Info on How to Delete your Account

Airbnb Account Delete Airbnb Turkey Missafir

Airbnb is one of the most actively used platforms as a guest or host. For some reasons, if you want to delete your Airbnb Account, you should know the ways to do it. Let’s see what these ways are for Airbnb Account deletion.

Why is an Airbnb Account Deletion Needed?

First of all, we want to touch on why people want to delete their Airbnb accounts. Many people delete their account when they want to change their address, phone number or password. Whereas, instead of deleting your Airbnb account, you can update your information. For example, to change your Airbnb telephone number you can update it from your profile information section and verify your new phone number easily.

If you have more than one Airbnb account, choosing one and deleting your other account is one of Airbnb’s recommendations. Because it is not possible for Airbnb to unify your accounts. By doing that, you can manage your only account easily and get rid of further complications.

Airbnb Account Delete Airbnb contact Missafir

Maybe, if you can get information about the current problems and precautions, you can find a solution without deleting your account. Because, looking at Airbnb Account Deletion process, Airbnb complaint is the main reason why people want to delete their account. Our suggestion is that if you have a problem with your guest or host, contact that person! If this seems to be impossible, you can get support by using Airbnb communication channels. Here is a little reminder: In this process, you can contact Missafir whenever you want even on public holidays and weekends. We provide communication service for Airbnb hosts and guests. As Missafir team, we are always here for your Airbnb Turkey questions and communication support. Missafir is by your side 24/7.

What to Do to Delete Your  Account

You can freeze your account instead of deleting it. To do this, you can deactivate your Airbnb account by selecting ‘Deactivate my Account’ from the ‘Account’ section. After Airbnb Login, you can easily carry out this step. As a result of this, all your reservations will be canceled, your profile and your records will be hidden/concealed. Your account information will be kept in case if you wish to reactivate your account.

If you want to delete your account permanently, you can carry out this step with Airbnb Contact Support. With Airbnb support, your account will be deleted after you verify your personal details. Carrying out/Doing this verification is purely for the purpose of protecting your account from others. Only you can delete your account by verifying your personal details. We also recommend that you do not share your personal information with anyone for security purposes. Because there is no turning back. Once you delete your Airbnb account you cannot access your account again.

Airbnb Account Delete Airbnb Missafir

we have come to the end of this article. Now you know how to freeze and delete your Airbnb account. Don’t get intimidated by these procedures that can be done without effort. You can activate and delete your account whenever you want. It is entirely in your hands! If you’ve had some setbacks and you can’t get out of it, just contact us for Airbnb Turkey Contact Support!

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    I am a knew one and I did not receive any message for publication and I steel worry for my new knew air bnb accounts

  • Oldir (Josh) Braga Ferreira

    I have a Guest Account on USA; I will become a CO-HOST in Brasil; só I need to delete my guest account in USA in order to become a CO-HOST in Brasil! I already ask to delete my account in a several different manners unsuccessful! WHY? That is The Question…


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