Discover Uskudar Istanbul: Maiden’s Tower and Best 7 Places

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Uskudar Istanbul which is the gem of Asian side, continues to enchant its visitors with its historical riches and natural beauties. The places around Uskudar are pretty diverse, making it one of the most touristic spots. Among the places to visit on the Uskudar side, mosques from the Ottoman period, impressive palaces, natural parks, and historical sites await enthusiasts.

In addition, the places to sit and relax are also quite attractive. Cafes with Bosphorus views, tea gardens, and seaside restaurants offer options suitable for every taste. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a nature lover, Uskudar offers many experiences that will leave you with beautiful memories. We will share our best recommendations on where to visit and relax in Uskudar.

7 Places to Go in Uskudar

  • Maiden’s Tower
  • Uskudar Coastline
  • Camlica Hill
  • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Fethi Pasha Grove
  • Kuzguncuk Houses 
  • Historical Mosques
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History of Uskudar

Uskudar is one of the oldest and most historic districts of Istanbul. Its history dates back to the 7th century. It was known as Khrysopolis and was an important trade center during the Byzantine Empire. 

Captured by Orhan Gazi in 1353, Uskudar was the first piece of Asian land the Ottoman Empire conquered before crossing into Europe. This conquest marked the beginning of Istanbul’s capture by the Ottomans.

After establishing the Republic of Turkey, Uskudar maintained its unique character while continuing to develop as a district affiliated with the province of Istanbul. Uskudar has preserved its traditional Turkish and Ottoman architecture, standing out with its historic structures. Additionally, it has been the inspiration for many folk tales, ballads, and songs. Located on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus, Uskudar is a significant attraction for tourists.

Uskudar Where to Go

Uskudar is one of Istanbul’s oldest districts, rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. If you’re planning a visit, here are some top places to see in Uskudar.

1. Maiden’s Tower

maiden tower uskudar istanbul

The Maiden’s Tower is situated on a tiny Istanbul Strait island. With a history that dates back to 410 B.C., it has been used for various purposes over different periods, including as a defensive fortress, a watchtower, a quarantine hospital, and a lighthouse. Adorned with numerous legends, the most famous story related to the tower is about a king who hid his daughter in this tower to protect her from a snake bite. However, a snake hidden among grapes brought in a basket ends up biting the princess.

Today, the tower serves visitors as a restaurant and cafe, offering view of Istanbul. You can easily access it with regular boat services from Uskudar. Bearing traces of Byzantine architecture, this structure is one of the most iconic symbols of Istanbul.

2. Uskudar Istanbul Coastline

uskudar istanbul coastline

The Uskudar coastline is uniquely beautiful on the Anatolian side of the Istanbul Strait. Besides its view, it is famous for its proximity to the Maiden’s Tower. This coast stretches from the Uskudar pier to Beylerbey. Also is a favorite spot for locals and tourists. Tea gardens, cafes, parks, and walking paths offer visitors a pleasant environment to spend time.

You can easily access other parts of the city and the European side via ferry. You can stroll along the coast, ride a bicycle, or sit in the tea gardens to enjoy the views of the city. The fishing boats and restaurants are ideal for those wanting to savor seafood dishes. Additionally, there are green spaces along the coast where families can comfortably spend time

3. Uskudar Istanbul Camlica Hill

camlica hill

Camlica Hill is located in Uskudar and constitutes as the highest points of the city. Standing at approximately 267 meters above sea level, this hill offers a panoramic view of Istanbul, from the Bosphorus to the Historical Peninsula, from the Islands to many areas on the Anatolian side, providing a broad perspective. Especially at sunset, the view here transforms into a picturesque scene. The hill has picnic areas, walking trails, cafes, and restaurants, offering visitors delightful moments.

4. Beylerbeyi Palace

beylerbeyi palace uskudar istanbul

Beylerbeyi Palace is a historic structure under the Bosphorus Bridge on the Anatolian side. It was built between 1861 and 1865 for Sultan Abdulaziz. Palace consists of two primary and two side buildings, totaling four sections. It was also used to host foreign dignitaries.

5. Fethi Pasha Grove

fethi pasha grove uskudar istanbul

Fethi Pasha Grove is a famous park in Istanbul, Turkey, known for its historical beauties. The grove is situated on the coast of the Bosphorus, above the Uskudar coastal road. It takes its name from Fethi Pasha, is the Grand Viziers of the Ottoman Empire.

Fethi Pasha Grove is renowned for its greenery, trees, scenic views, and picnic areas. Moreover, walking paths, relaxation areas, and children’s playgrounds are in the grove.

It offers an alternative for those wishing to spend time accompanied by views of the Bosphorus.

6. Kuzguncuk Houses

kuzguncuk houses uskudar istanbul

Kuzguncuk Houses are a collection of historic homes on Perihan Abla Street in the Uskudar. Moreover, Kuzguncuk is a famous neighborhood situated on the shores of the Bosphorus, known for its historical texture. Consistent with the cultural structure, it is possible to see architectural examples from various periods.

The Kuzguncuk Houses are typically from the Ottoman period and are constructed as wooden structures. These homes reflect the typical architecture of Ottoman houses and are usually three stories high. They have bay windows, intricate woodwork, detailed decorations and bear the features of traditional Turkish homes.

7. Historical Mosques

Uskudar, situated on Istanbul’s Anatolian side, stands as a testament to Turkey’s rich spiritual, cultural, and architectural heritage, with its myriad of historic mosques, each echoing tales of bygone eras. The Mihrimah Sultan Mosque is a symbol of Ottoman Mosques, conceived by the legendary architect Mimar Sinan for Mihrimah Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent’s daughter. Nearby, Sinan’s Atik Valide Mosque, commissioned by Nurbanu Sultan, unfolds stories of its once-thriving medrese, hospital, and public kitchen. The seaside Semsi Pasha Mosque, another of Sinan’s creations, offers a serene retreat.

Transportation to Uskudar Istanbul


Regular ferry services operate between both the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul. Direct ferry services are available from departure points.


Access to Uskudar is possible via the M5 metro line. Additionally, this line connects Uskudar to various areas of Istanbul.


Marmaray provides railway transportation between the European and Anatolian sides. It also offers access to Uskudar through the Uskudar station.

Do You Have an Apartment for Rent in Uskudar Istanbul?


The list of places to visit in Istanbul Uskudar takes you on a journey through the depths of history. Among the historical places to visit in Uskudar, you can find many structures, from the Maiden’s Tower combined with the blue of the Bosphorus to mosques bearing unique traces of Ottoman architecture. Moreover, in Kuzguncuk, located within this historical texture, it is possible to feel old Istanbul’s calm and peaceful atmosphere.

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