Istanbul October Events: Istanbul in October

We are here with our list of Istanbul October concerts! If you’re wondering which shows are taking place in Istanbul in October or the events for Istanbul in October 2023, you can read our article. Let’s create an October event calendar for you.

Events in the Fall are Something Special!

istanbul october events concerts

Summer is ending, but the events continue. Because in Istanbul, the fun never slows down. The city is always full of life and vibrant. So, take advantage of this liveliness and keep up with the city’s rhythm!

Istanbul also hosts various events in October. Summer is ending, but the events in autumn are in full swing. We have listed the Istanbul October concerts for you!

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Istanbul October Concerts 

Istanbul is, as you know, an event paradise! Moreover, the Istanbul October events in 2023 will be very colorful. You will be very excited to see the event calendar we have compiled for you! Let’s start with the Istanbul October concerts.

However, the list of Istanbul concerts for October is quite crowded. Let’s see how hard it will be for you to decide! Let’s look at our list to find out who has concerts in Istanbul in October.

Istanbul October Concerts List

  • October 1 at Kucukciftlik Park: Jakuzi, Gunes, and Deniz Sipahi will take the stage. We’re starting our Istanbul events calendar with this special concert. Why? Because all the revenue from the show will be donated to animal shelters. So, don’t miss out on this fantastic concert.
  • October 1 in the evening at Maximum Uniq Open Air Istanbul: The venue will host the beloved artist Evgeny Grinko. You can buy tickets for this concert. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this magical atmosphere.
  • Are there any Sefo fans here? You might be confused about which concert to attend on October 1. But make no mistake, if you choose Sefo on October 1, you should be at Kurucesme Open Air Istanbul.
  • Is that all for the October 1 Istanbul concerts? Never! Haluk Levent will perform at Turkcell Vadi Istanbul on October 1. Moreover, singing the famous artist’s songs with the audience is priceless.
  • Moving on to the evening of October 2! Because on October 2, the prince of pop music, Kenan Dogulu, will be on stage. If you want to accompany Kenan Dogulu’s lively and energetic songs, be at Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater on the 2nd!
  • On October 4, Cem Adrian will be on stage and perform his beloved songs in his unique style. To attend this concert, you should be at Jolly Joker Istanbul on October 4.
  • Yildiz Tilbe fans have been waiting for this moment! The artist will perform her popular songs on the evening of October 4. Just be at Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater to attend this concert.
  • On October 6, the queen of pop music takes the stage. Gulsen will be at Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater on the 6th. Be there for a delightful evening and revel in Gulsen’s songs!

The October Concerts Continue!

istanbul october events concerts
  • His songs are playing everywhere! It’s not hard to guess who. Of course, it’s Edis! Edis will perform on October 11 at Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater. Therefore, don’t make other plans for the evening; attend the concert and enjoy the entertainment!
  • Melike Sahin will be on stage at Turkcell Vadi Istanbul on October 13. She will sing your favorite songs. If you don’t want to miss this evening, you can buy tickets for the concert.
  • Up next is Redd! Moreover, the much-loved band will perform at Dorock XL Kadikoy. Don’t make any commitments for the evening of October 14!
  • On October 16, the superstar Ajda Pekkan will be on stage and, as always, will enchant her guests! The concert will be held at Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater. Mark this on your event calendar.
  • On the evening of October 20, Duman will be on stage at Maximum Uniq Open Air Istanbul. Kalben will also be at Dorock XL Venue on the same evening. Deciding will be challenging, but no matter which concert you choose, you will surely experience unforgettable moments!
  • We are concluding our Istanbul October concert list with Berkay. The beloved artist will meet with fans on October 27. Moreover, if you want to attend the concert, follow Kurucesme Open Air Istanbul on October 27.

Istanbul October Events Guide

istanbul october events guide

Let’s add other events to our October concert list. Because in October 2023, festivals, exhibitions, and cultural and art activities are popular. Let’s take a look at the Istanbul October events!

Istanbul October Festivals

istanbul october events festivals
  • From September 30 to October 15, there is the Beyoglu Culture Road Festival in Istanbul. This festival will encompass various cultural and art events, including music and literature. In other words, the heart of art will beat in Beyoğlu once again! 
  • On October 7-8, there will be a Vintage Festival in Istanbul. The event, organized at Festival Park in Kadikoy, will bring together those who love nostalgia. 
  • Again, on October 7-8, a Cocktail Fest will be organized in Istanbul. This delightful event will be held at Kucukciftlik Park. 
  • On October 14-15, Oktoberfest will be held at the Volkswagen Arena. Moreover, the event also promises dance and entertainment for all participants this year.

Istanbul October Exhibitions

istanbul october events exhibitons
  • From September 22 to October 28, you can visit Yagiz Ozgen’s ” Boyaci ” exhibition at the Sanatorium. 
  • Throughout October, you can tour Nuri Kuzucan’s ” Pasaj ” exhibition at Arter. 
  • At Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s cultural arts center, Tophane-i Amire, there is a photography exhibition by Cosar Kulaksiz titled “Arada.” You can visit this exhibition until October 15. 
  • Throughout October, at Perform Istanbul, you can attend an exhibition called “Yalniz Degiliz: A Panic Attack Duo 2054”.

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If you’re contemplating the best time to visit Istanbul, consider aligning your trip with the renowned Akbank Jazz Festival. This event truly captures the vibrant essence of Istanbul, Turkey. Depending on the time of year, iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque radiate in the backdrop of this musical celebration, offering an unparalleled ambiance. And suppose you’re in the city around the end of October. In that case, the energy and patriotism during Republic Day are palpable, further amplifying Istanbul’s rich tapestry of experiences.

We shared our Istanbul October event calendar with you. But would you like to know more about Istanbul and what to do there? If you answer yes, you might also love our series on places to visit in Istanbul. You can start reading this series from our article Places to Visit in Sisli and City Guide.

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