Istanbul December Concerts: Shows, Events and More

Istanbul December Concerts are like stepping into a living tapestry of cultures, history, and festivity. The city, draped in winter’s embrace, buzzes with an energy unique to this time of year. Wander through the labyrinthine lanes of the Grand Bazaar, where the air is perfumed with the scent of spices and the sound of haggling merchants. 

Each stall and shop tells a story of Istanbul’s rich past. Venture out to the majestic Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, where history stands tall against the backdrop of a modern cityscape. Whether through the engaging tales of local guides or the quiet, snow-dusted evenings by the Bosphorus, Istanbul in December offers a mesmerizing blend of experiences that weave together the past and present into unforgettable moments.

istanbul december concerts

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Istanbul December Events

The magic of December events in Istanbul begins as the weather gets colder. This city is always full of life, so the events in Istanbul never end. So, who are the names on the Istanbul December concerts calendar this time?

Istanbul continues to host various events in December as well. December events in Istanbul maintain the city’s energy and even increase it. Here is the list of December concerts in Istanbul that we have compiled for you!

istanbul december concerts

December Concerts in Istanbul

Istanbul is once again a paradise of events! Moreover, the December events in Istanbul in 2023 are set to be quite colorful and exciting. When you look at the event calendar, you will feel this excitement, too! Let’s start with the Istanbul December concerts.

However, the list of Istanbul December concerts is imposing and extensive. Let’s see how difficult it will be to decide among these rich options! Let’s look at our list to discover artists who will take the stage in December.

List of Istanbul December Concerts

December in Istanbul resonates with the musical harmony of concerts, capturing the city’s vibrant pulse in winter. From the historic halls to contemporary venues, the city becomes a stage for an eclectic mix of musical performances. Each concert is a unique celebration, featuring everything from traditional Turkish melodies that echo the city’s rich cultural heritage to modern beats that showcase the dynamic and evolving music scene. 

The crisp December air is filled with music, drawing locals and tourists into the warm embrace of lively auditoriums and intimate jazz clubs. These concerts, set against the backdrop of Istanbul’s twinkling lights and festive decorations, offer entertainment and a memorable cultural experience highlighting the city’s diverse and thriving artistic community.

  • December 1: Can Bonomo at If Besiktas
  • December 1: Sena Sener at Mask Beach
  • December 2: Manus Baba at Mall of Istanbul Moi Stage
  • December 3: Kofn at Taksim Dorock XL
  • December 6: Mogollar at Kadikoy Stage
  • December 6: Pinhani at If Besiktas
  • December 8: Simge at Volkswagen Arena
  • December 8: Yuksek Sadakat at Aqua Florya
  • December 9: Mirkelam at Blind Istanbul
  • December 9: Mert Demir at Aqua Florya
  • December 10: Evgeny Grinko at BGM
  • December 13: Melike Sahin at Volkswagen Arena
  • December 15: Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut at Volkswagen Arena
  • December 15: Emir Can Igrek at Aqua Florya
  • December 16: Emre Aydin at Taksim Dorock
  • December 20: Gokhan Turkmen at Aqua Florya
  • December 20: Dedubluman at Aqua Florya
  • December 21: Sila at Zorlu PSM
  • December 22: Feridun Duzagac at Aqua Florya
  • December 29: Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi at Kadikoy Stage
  • December 30: Mor ve Otesi at Volkswagen Arena

Christmas Concerts in Istanbul

istanbul december concerts

Christmas concerts, with their enchanting melodies and festive spirit, create an unmatched atmosphere of warmth and joy. Often held in beautifully decorated venues, these musical celebrations range from classical orchestral performances to contemporary holiday jingles. 

The glow of twinkling lights and the harmonious blend of voices and instruments evoke a sense of wonder, bringing people together in a shared experience of the season’s magic. Whether it’s the timeless notes of a choir singing carols or the vibrant energy of a band playing holiday favorites, Christmas concerts offer a delightful escape into a world of festive cheer, making them a cherished tradition during this most beautiful time of the year. Here are some shows at Christmas!

  • Melike Sahin at Jolly Joker
  • Ozbi at If Besiktasş
  • Ayta Sozeri at Jolly Joker
  • Yasar at Jolly Joker

Theaters in December

istanbul december concerts

December theaters come alive with magic, offering audiences an escape into drama, comedy, and fantasy worlds. This time of year sees stages adorned with festive decorations and lit by the soft glow of spotlights, setting the perfect ambiance for holiday-themed plays and classic winter tales. The air is thick with anticipation as curtains rise, revealing meticulously crafted sets that transport viewers to different times and places. 

From heartwarming family dramas to thought-provoking contemporary pieces, December theater productions encapsulate the season’s spirit, often leaving audiences with a sense of wonder and reflection. The experience of bundling up and stepping out for a night at the theater becomes a cherished winter ritual, as much a part of the season as the first snowfall.

  • November 30: “Bir Delinin Hatira Defteri” at Cafe Theatre Kartal IstMarin
  • December 1: “Julius Caesar” at Kats Sahne
  • December 5: “Notre Dame’ın Kamburu” (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) at Trump
  • December 23: “Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitusu” at Maximum UNIQ Hall

Art Exhibition in December

istanbul december concerts exhibitons

December art exhibitions are a visual feast, showcasing a spectrum of creativity that captures the season’s essence. Galleries transform into vibrant spaces where the walls speak in colors and textures, displaying works that range from contemporary masterpieces to classic fine art. These exhibitions often reflect the reflective mood of winter, inviting visitors to ponder and appreciate the nuanced beauty of each piece. 

Whether a bold, modern installation or a delicate, time-honored painting, the art resonates with the themes of renewal, reflection, and celebration of the year’s end. During the festive hustle, these exhibitions offer a serene haven, a place to slow down and immerse oneself in the transformative power of art. For art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike, December’s art exhibitions are a compelling invitation to explore new perspectives and be inspired.

List of Art Exhibitions in Istanbul

  • Bor Sanat, Orjin Meşrutiyet – “Parcalar & Haller” Group Exhibition: November 15 – December 15.
  • Galeri Deniz – “Birlikte Gelecege” Group Exhibition: November 15 – December 3.
  • Brieflyart Gallery – Ismet Degirmenci, “Bul Beni” Exhibition: November 16 – December 10.
  • EKAV-ARTIST New Generation 8 – “Sonsuzlugun Izinde” Group Exhibition: November 7 – December 17.
  • Ferda Art Platform – Gunes Terkol, “Kabin Fantastik” Exhibition: November 23 – December 20.
  • Decollage Art Space – Melisa Ozgur, “432” Exhibition: November 29 – December 24.
  • Dirimart – Canan Tolon, “Havadan Sudan” Exhibition: November 23 – December 24.
  • Goba Art & Design – Julide Zeynep Gunce, “Piece of Mind” Exhibition: December 2 – 25.
  • Istanbul Research Institute – “Busy City: Politics and Everyday Life in Occupied Istanbul” Group Exhibition: January 11 – December 26.
  • Simbart Projects – Ezgi Yakın, “Beklenen ve Artakalan Diger Seyler” Exhibition: November 3 – December 29.
  • Performistanbul – Naz Balkaya & Emily Demetrio, “We are not alone: Panicattack Duo Retrospective, 2054” Exhibition: September 15 – December 30.
  • Metrohan – “Sjećaš li se Sarajeva – Do You Remember Sarajevo?” Group Exhibition: November 2 – December 31.
  • Anna Laudel – Ekin Su Kos, “The Rebirth of Venus” Exhibition: November 11 – December 31.

Movies in December

istanbul december concerts cinemas

In December, movies in Istanbul offer a warm refuge from the chilly winter days and present many films to movie enthusiasts. This month typically hosts premieres of the most anticipated films of the year and introduces a variety of international and local productions in preparation for the awards season. 

December is also famous for unique children’s movies, holiday-themed shows, film festivals, and special screenings. Moviegoers in Istanbul’s vibrant cinema atmosphere can find everything from the latest blockbusters to art house films, making the most of the winter season.

  • Kotuluk Diye Bir Sey Yok (There’s No Such Thing as Evil).
  • Olumlu Dunya 2 (Mortal World 2).
  • Kizil Gokyuzu (Red Sky).
  • Kuru Otlar Ustune (On Dry Grass).

Istanbul in December is a city transformed, with its iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque becoming even more enchanting. The Grand Bazaar, a symbol of Istanbul’s rich history, offers a wide range of traditional Turkish goods, making it a must-visit for anyone in Istanbul. 

Local guides highly recommend guided tours to explore these tourist attractions, as they provide deeper insights into the city’s heritage. Whether you’re wandering through the historic corridors of the Hagia Sophia or marveling at the architectural beauty of the Blue Mosque, your experience in Istanbul this December will be unforgettable.

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