How to Obtain a Tourism House License and Daily Rental House License?

As of October 2023, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the relevant governorships are authorized to issue daily rental licenses. As of January 1, 2024, new laws will apply. Daily rental or short-term house rental is defined as a tourism house to be rented for under 100 days. You can get more information by reading our related article. Also, remember to take a look at our article on renting houses for tourism purposes.

Are you curious about the daily rental house license? We have compiled all the details for you.

Especially in and around big cities, homeowners often rent out their houses on a daily basis to accommodate daily travelers for business or vacation. However, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has introduced a legal regulation in order to prevent the practice of unofficial hotel management, to provide tax regulation, and to prevent damaging or illegal incidents that may occur during the daily house rental process.

So, how do I get a daily rental house license, and what is the procedure? In this article, we answer your questions in detail. 

Tourism House License and Purpose

In accordance with the legal regulation made by the Ministry on daily house rental, daily rented houses were included in the hostel status. With the new law published in October 2023, it will be mandatory to obtain a tourism house certificate in order to rent a daily house as of 2024.

Within the framework of the regulation implemented to prevent tax loss, daily rental houses are licensed as pensions and the identity information of the people staying in these houses is reported to the police. In this way, both irregular transactions are prevented and wanted persons and outlaws can be easily found.

How to Obtain a Tourism House License?

As of October 2023, you can apply from e-devlet to obtain a tourism license according to the law on renting housing for tourism purposes passed by the commission.

  • It is mandatory to apply for a tourism house license within one month of the law’s effective date. Otherwise, you may be fined.
  • For a fee, you will receive a tourism house license plaque from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. It will be mandatory to hang this plaque on the dwelling door.
  • As a landlord living in an apartment building, you will need to obtain the approval of all floor owners to get a tourism house license.
  • If you want to apply for a tourism house license for blocks of buildings within a complex, obtaining permission from the floor owners in the building to which the house is attached, not the entire complex, is sufficient.
  • You will be penalized if you operate the house you rented from someone else as a tourism house without the landlord’s knowledge.

“On December 28, 2023, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture published the ‘Regulation on the Rental of Residences for Tourism Purposes’ in the Official Gazette, which governs rentals of less than 100 days. According to this regulation, anyone wishing to rent out properties for short-term or daily use must comply with the specified requirements. If you are renting through platforms like Airbnb, you must apply for a permit. For more details, please visit our page on Residential Rentals for Tourism Purposes.”

How to Obtain a Daily Rental House License and What are the Required Documents?

If you want to rent your home to tourists for a short period, here’s what you need to know! The process is quite simple. First, you need to apply through e-Government with certain documents. Let’s take a look at what these are:

  • Identity and Signature: If you are an individual, you need to provide a photocopy of your Turkish ID card or passport and a sample of your signature. If you are a foreigner, you’ll need your passport and either a foreign identity number or tax number.
  • Additional Documents for Companies: If you’re renting on behalf of a company, you’ll need to provide your tax identification number and either your trade registry number or MERSIS number.
  • Property Deeds: You must present the deed of the property you wish to rent, or a building registration document. If the property is owned by multiple people, you’ll need the consent of the other owners.
  • Special Rules for Multiple Units: If you want to rent out multiple units in the same building, a unanimous decision from the other unit owners may be required. If you’re renting out more than five apartments, you’ll need a business license and operating permit.
  • In Case of Proxy: If you’re applying on behalf of someone else, don’t forget to include a notarized power of attorney.
  • Additional Documents for High-End Properties: If your property is a luxury residence, you may need to provide additional documents to comply with extra requirements of the Regulation.
  • Declaration of Accuracy: You must acknowledge and declare the accuracy of the submitted documents. Submitting false documents can lead to your application being rejected and potential legal consequences.
  • Separate Rules for Special Cases: In some special cases, different rules may apply.

Other Documents for Daily Rental House License

  1. Identity details of employees
  2. Finance attendance receipt
  3. MoNE permission certificate for places that will serve as student dormitories
  4. Regulation on Control of Waste Vegetable Oils for places that will serve as hotels
  5. Layout plan
  6. Consent for the apartment building (to be obtained from the floor owners.)

Important reminder: The house to be rented on a daily basis must have a medicine cabinet stocked with the necessary supplies. In addition, according to the new law, permission must be obtained from all condominium owners in order to rent a house for the day. In addition, a “tourism house” sign must be posted on the door of the house.

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Where to Get a Daily Rental House License?

As of November 2023, only e-devlet (official e-state page of Turkiye) is authorized to issue daily rental licenses. As of January 1, 2024, new laws will apply. Daily rental or short-term house rental is defined as a tourism house to be rented for under 100 days. You can get more information by reading our related article. Also, do not forget to take a look at our article on renting houses for tourism purposes.

According to the new law, a license for renting a daily home, i.e. a tourism residence permit, can be obtained from the e-devlet.

This license is obtained through an application to the local municipality to which the property belongs. But the process is quite complicated. Especially if you want to rent a daily house for a small number of properties or for a single property, it makes more sense to work with Missafir, a professional property management company.

This type of license is also known as a daily rental house pension license. Along with this process, it is important that the property owner fulfills the necessary tax procedures. We recommend that you seek advice from experts for detailed information.

In 2023, the relevant ministry stated that new work will be done on this issue in early 2024. So, what happens if you do not obtain this license for your rental apartment?

Penalty for Failure to Obtain a Daily Rental License

According to the law, it is considered a crime for landlords to rent out their houses without obtaining a daily rental license. The fine for an unlicensed daily rental apartment starts from 100.000 TL as of 2023. In addition, police teams can temporarily seal your home for the act of renting a daily house without a license.

There is one more point to note. Property owners who rent their houses on a daily basis must report all guests to the KBS system. Otherwise, property owners may be penalized again.

Points to Consider During the Daily House Rental Process

All of these documents must be collected for the daily rental house license and all conditions must be met. After this license is issued, a daily house rental contract must be signed with the customers who will stay in the house. The identity information of the people who will stay in accordance with the contract is reported to the Police Department. This process can also be done online via the internet.

According to the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior on daily rentals, places such as apartments, condominiums and residences are subject to the Identity Notification Law No. 1774 and those who violate this Law are subject to administrative fines.

How Much is the Penalty for Failure to Report Identity in Hotels and Tourism Houses?

For 2023, the penalty for not reporting identity in hotels is 2520 TL. This fine is imposed in accordance with Article 17 of the Identity Reporting Law No. 1774. According to the relevant article, responsible operators and employees of hotels, motels, inns, hostels, pensions, tourist facilities and similar accommodation establishments are obliged to report the identity information of accommodation guests to law enforcement officers within 24 hours. Those who violate this obligation are subject to an administrative fine of 2520 TL.

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How can I rent out my house on a daily basis?

You can use Missafir services to rent out your house daily. Missafir provides you with technology-supported solutions for renting out your house daily, giving you visibility on 50+ home listing channels (Airbnb, Booking, Agoda…).

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As Missafir, we offer end-to-end management support to our landlords for short and medium-term rentals. Our landlords can have an easy, reliable and stress-free rental experience without any problems; they can earn more rental income from their homes.

In this process, our guests have the opportunity to stay in 5-star hotel quality and home comfort in our houses that are suitable for their expectations and tastes among our rich product range. You can check our website to learn more about us.

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