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Whether you have a tiny balcony where you can only fit your stools or a vast terrace where you can host your whole family… Balconies are actually a pleasant door to the outside while providing the comfort of home. Long conversations, cheerful breakfasts, tea times, barbecue parties, the sounds of music spreading to the street… The place that harbors many beautiful emotions we are familiar with is always the same. Even though this space and the excitement it evokes in us are similar for all of us, each balcony has its unique atmosphere. Let’s look at the most practical balcony design ideas for you and add life to your living space that opens the doors to the outside world!

Small Balcony Design

Many of us enjoy small balconies for their intimacy and warmth. However, the problem of sufficient space also comes with small balconies. It is up to you to utilize this small space with maximum comfort and efficiency. Remember that you can only use a few pieces on small balconies, so the products you choose must be unique. 

Narrow Balcony Design

Even if you can’t use large garden furniture on your narrow balcony, you can create a one-person pleasure area with a comfortable single armchair and a small pouf that you can fit into the balcony’s width. You can also create a cozy and intimate space with floor cushions, and when not in use, you can remove these cushions and use the same area for different activities. If you need more than sitting on the floor, you can build an L-shaped corner on your balcony and place a small folding table in front of it to save space. Folding chairs, stools, and tables that meet the needs of small balconies can be hung on your walls for decor when not in use.

You can install shelves on the balcony walls and fill them with plenty of plants, and make the environment look more spacious and broader with pendant pots, baskets, and tiny mirrors. You can even make a pendant lamp from these baskets. 

Wallpapers and colorful wall stickers that suit your taste can also help you to differentiate the environment. At this point, you can show your creativity while finding the most suitable solutions for you by taking advantage of DIY ideas for small and narrow balconies. 

If you have a privacy problem on your small balcony, you can use straw reed rolls, tall plants, colorful tulle curtains, wall coverings, or beaded dividers. You can also choose the classic, practical, robust method of blinds instead. This way, you will eliminate the privacy problem and add character to your balcony. 

You can also visit this resource for more inspiration for your small balcony. 

Large Balcony and Terrace Design

Large balconies and terraces, one of the vital meeting points for crowded family and friend groups, can host many different ideas. You can easily choose garden furniture for large balcony decoration. If you want to spend a pleasant and abundant time in this large area, you can make the environment suitable for both summer and winter. 

You can surround your large balcony with sliding glass, add an open-air fireplace or fire pit, and decorate it with plenty of trees and flowers. This way, you will turn your balcony into a pleasant winter garden. In the summer, you can make a sunshade on your terrace with wicker or fabric pieces, add a completely different atmosphere with a beautiful umbrella and enjoy the summer on your balcony by placing an inflatable pool and sun loungers. 

You can also use different materials on the floor and walls of your balcony. For example, the floor covered with pebbles can add a rich effect to the environment. Again, tiles patterned with grass-like or wooden coatings that you can use in places will give a completely different interpretation of the environment. Wooden panels or natural stone coverings on the walls will also add a garden atmosphere to the environment. Suppose you want more affordable solutions for your seating group instead of expensive garden furniture. In that case, you can turn to wooden pallets or benches and place plenty of pots and flowers on these materials. 

Large balconies and terraces are also ideal for creating pleasant relaxation areas. Hang a swing or a hammock in the corner and create a peaceful corner where you can pamper yourself. If you like to host large groups of people, you can bring your favorite activities to your balcony. For example, a foosball table, table tennis, or darts will provide you with a space where you can have a lot of fun. 

Visit this resource for creative DIY ideas you can quickly implement on your large balcony.

Indoor Balcony Design

Covered balconies give you privacy by providing a private space and allowing you to spend time comfortably in winter. To add a winter garden effect to your closed balcony, you can use plenty of plants and a terrarium that you will prepare yourself. 

If your balcony overlooks a green area, you can use mirrors to enhance this heartwarming effect. You can enrich the garden using pendant pots, wall-mounted plant shelves, and small trees. Lanterns and string lighting can also create a very relaxing effect. Since glass balconies create a visually colder effect, you can warm up the environment with a rug on the floor. You can find tips on turning your closed balcony into a winter wonderland in our blog titled “Create a Fairytale Land with Winter Garden Decoration Ideas!”.

Balcony Wall Decoration

If your balcony does not overlook a view, you should focus more on the walls during the decoration phase. If your walls are white, you can keep the spirit of Bodrum houses alive on your balcony by hanging ceramic objects. Placing many frames and photos on a colored wall can add a modern and dynamic effect to your balcony. You can create a bohemian atmosphere using wicker objects, mirrors, and baskets; you can also design these objects with your own hands. You can also create a cozy coffee corner by placing a classic sconce and a coffee table in front of the wall. If you are tired of traditional walls, you can try ceramic tiles or wallpaper. You can also color your walls with different options, such as natural stones, wood panels, paintable foam coatings, and paint strips. If you have a large wall, you can also use wooden crates filled with plants. If you want to be more daring, you can fix your bicycle or skateboard to your wall to save storage space and create a unique design. 

You can develop affordable solutions with wall coverings and LED lighting, which have been very popular lately. Another budget-friendly and creative solution are to use fishing nets and seashells for wall decoration. Especially if you live on the coast, bringing the region’s spirit into your home will add a pleasant atmosphere. If you are confident in your painting skills, you can draw a favorite painting on the wall and even try graffiti; there is no end to creativity! If you need inspiration to make your balcony walls more lively, you can also look at our blog post “Meet Impressive Wall Decoration Models!“.

Your balcony is ready for pleasant moments!

Decorating balconies, the most enjoyable and comfortable corner of the house, is just as exciting. Plants, pots, lighting, covers, cushions, wind chimes, sculptures, and more… Moreover, you can prepare each of these products with your labor and write the story of your balcony yourself. The more carefully you decorate this area where you spend a lot of time with your loved ones, the greater the happiness you will get. 

We have benefited from the expertise of our Interior Design team while preparing these decoration suggestions. You can check Our Packages page if you want to examine all our other services, including interior design.

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