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When it comes to vacation rentals, lately one of the most searched topics online is “property management Istanbul”. Owning one or more properties and managing all the processes of them on your own might be more tedious than it seems. In that case, you might consider working with professional property management experts. With Missafir, Turkey’s first and leading professional short and medium-term property management company, you can turn all your unused properties into a safe and profitable investment. In this article, we will talk about how property management works and the best places to own a property in Istanbul.

What Do Property Managers Do?

Professional property managers can take on a wide range of responsibilities, as well as provide assistance in the management of purely legal or financial processes. Here’s a list of the main duties that property management companies are usually responsible for:

  • Overseeing the day-to-day running of the property
  • To follow up and accelerate the process of renting out the property
  • Preparation of a legal basis that protects both the landlord’s and the tenant’s rights
  • Taking care of all maintenance and repair works on the property
  • Providing fast and effective solutions to tenants’ problems
  • Preventing structural problems that may occur in the property, thus preventing victimization and financial losses
  • Follow-up of payments
  • Tenant selection and guiding of tenants
  • Ensuring the follow-up of contract signing and renewal processes
  • Renting properties in accordance with their own value and at the most profitable prices

Property Management Istanbul: Why Missafir is Perfect for You

The most important feature that distinguishes Missafir from other professional property management companies is that we use technology in the most effective way possible. In addition, let’s talk about our special services that you can only find in Missafir:

  • Interior design and renovation support: Missafir can renovate your home from top to bottom and create an ideal living space for your guests or transform your home to its most functional version possible with small touches.
  • Professional photography: Missafir photographs your home by organizing a professional shoot on the dates you specify. Professionally taken photographs ensure that the value of your home is reflected in the best way.
  • Dynamic pricing: Missafir determines the value of your home in the most accurate way and provides price optimization according to demand. With dynamic pricing, the listing of your property stands out more among other ads, thus helping you get higher profit rates and more reservations.
  • Profile management on 50+ platforms: Missafir prepares a special listing content for your property and publishes your property’s listing on more than 50 platforms, increasing its visibility.
  • Owner panel: You can control the dates your properties receive bookings and monthly revenues through the owner panel. At any time, you can block the dates you choose on the calendar to any bookings and use your own property.
  • Communication with guests: Missafir mediates all communication with guests from before check-in to after check-out.
  • Monthly reporting: Every month you will receive a monthly report where you can analyze the earnings of your properties.
  • Cleaning and linen services: Missafir takes over all cleaning and linen change processes of the houses.
  • 24/7 operational support: In case of any problems experienced by the guests about the house, our nearest operation team members arrive at the location as soon as possible and deal with the problem.
  • Maintenance-repair-renovation: We are responsible for all of these processes.

Top 5 Districts to Own a Property in Istanbul

  1. Beyoglu

The entire city’s history runs through Beyoglu, one of Istanbul’s most picturesque districts.

  1. Sisli

With its hip attractions and vibrant city life, Sisli comes second at the most preferred district list.

  1. Besiktas

Besiktas is the beating heart of Istanbul and a convenient district in terms of transportation.

  1. Kadikoy

Istanbul’s most multicultural spot Kadikoy is also a perfect choice for a vacation rental.

  1. Uskudar

Uskudar, situated at the foot of the magnificent Bosphorus, serves as a sort of gateway between the glorious past and the lively modern.

You can safely trust Missafir with managing your property thanks to our wide-ranged portfolio and dynamic team. Contact us to get more rental income from your property in Istanbul with our professional rental service.

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