Invite and Earn!

Invite your friends and earn now 350 TL

Invite Your Friends

How many Airbnb hosts do you know ? Do you have a friends who wants to earn more from his/her property? Introduce them to us now and earn 350 TL for each host who starts working with us! They will love us, and you will be glad!

    So Easy!

    Your friend will be a member

    Your friends need to log into the system with the code created specifically for you.

    We will get in contact with your friend

    If your friend’s house is available for at least 8 weeks per year and wants to work with us, your reward is on the way!

    You got the prize!

    You can  earn 150 TL, 250 TL or 350 TL according to  the number of rooms in property for the friend you invited!

    For more information and option please get in touch!