How to Rent Your Vacation Home?

Do you have a house you don’t use often and would like to turn into an investment but need to know how to start the process? Should you rent your home for the long term or turn to short and mid-term rentals, an emerging trend in recent years? Would it make sense to rent your house as a vacation home in Turkey, a popular destination for the summer and winter seasons? And if so, how to rent your vacation home? Lucky for you, we at Missafir have prepared a detailed guide to answer this question. 

Why Rent Out Your House as a Vacation Home? How to Rent Your Vacation Home?

With four seasons being experienced to the fullest in Turkey, sea and thermal tourism has become a vast industry. Such a large industry has, of course, brought along the need for accommodation. Tourists who prefer the comfort of their homes during their vacations have turned to short and mid-term rental houses rather than hotel rooms. According to AirDNA, the demand for short-term rentals has increased even more in recent years thanks to features such as being more secluded and having their kitchen after the pandemic.

Spending vacations on short-term rentals are more popular nowadays than in hotel rooms. Of course, you can also rent your vacation home long-term, but the demand for this will be much lower than for short-term rentals. Also, if you rent out your vacation home for the short term, your home’s calendar will be more flexible. So it will be available when you want to stay there yourself. And this is why renting out your home as a vacation home will be the best solution for you.

For short and mid-term rentals, you have the advantage of having a periodically growing income as the pricing of the houses can be optimized more easily. Renting out your vacation home with dynamic pricing allows it to be rented at its actual value.

The question “How to rent your vacation home?” may arise in your mind. To ensure this question is answered, we have compiled what you need to know and pay attention to before you start your vacation home rental process.

  1. You can upgrade your vacation home’s amenities to take it to the next level. Clean linen and towels, kitchen utensils such as plates, glasses, and cutlery, as well as a good internet connection, will increase the satisfaction of your guests.
  2. You can take precautions and have solutions against possible damages in your vacation home. You may not live in the city where your vacation home is located. This situation is why you should be able to get hold of local repairers and direct them to your home to solve any possible issues or accidents.
  3. You can decorate your vacation home to suit the taste of your guests. The fact that your vacation home is as pleasing to the eye as it is convenient is likely to increase the demand for it.
  4. Remember that you do not have to remove your personal belongings from the vacation home you are renting out. You can place your belongings in a locked room unavailable to your renters. A locked closet also allows you to store smaller items without moving them out of your vacation home.
  5. Be sure to keep your home clean between the reservations. You want your home to feel hygienic as well as comfortable. That’s why deep cleaning your house between reservations is vital for the well-being of your guests and to increase your home’s desirability.
  6. It would help if you found the correct marketplace to rent your vacation home. We have already mentioned that short and mid-term vacation home rentals are a growing industry. New online marketplaces are emerging accordingly. So how do you rent your vacation home online? You may need to list your vacation house for rent on one or more websites. It is essential to do market research for this beforehand.
  7. Decide whether you will manage the process of renting out your vacation home on your own or through a company. While renting your home on your own may seem the way to go at first glance but you should be aware that it comes with more responsibility and work. Home rental sites such as Airbnb, Booking and VRBO offer resources such as communication with your guests, an online calendar, credit card processors for payment, etc. Still, the management of these is entirely your responsibility. And even with these recommended channels, finding and supervising a cleaning team is on you.

Does the list seem long and overwhelming? Don’t worry. If you rent your vacation home with Missafir, you can go through this whole process hassle-free. So, how do you rent out your vacation home with Missafir? Let’s take a look.

How to Rent Your Vacation Home with Missafir?

As Missafir, after you contact us, we will calculate how we can increase the rental income of your house and share your potential earnings with you. After our pricing, we visit your home by making an appointment to take notes of the features of your home. Upon agreement, we will start the process by receiving the keys to your house from you.

Our dynamic pricing service for short and mid-term rentals provides the most accurate pricing for our houses according to the period and demands. We have already mentioned that dynamic pricing allows you to rent your home at its actual value. But what are the other advantages of dynamic pricing? With a long-term lease, you agree on a price for an extended period. This agreement obliges you to rent your house for a year at a price you cannot change. But for example, in a summer resort, your home will be in higher demand during the summer season and therefore has the potential to be rented at a higher value. Apart from the easy optimization of the rental price, the flexible calendar opportunity in short and mid-term rentals is an excellent asset to you. You can rent your vacation home anytime, according to your comfort and convenience, or use it yourself.

In addition to providing interior design and furnishing support, clean linen and towels, with our professional photo support and carefully prepared content, we list your vacation home on more than 15 online short-term home rental platforms such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor and HomeAway. While we handle all the profile management of your vacation home, you can review the status of your home at any given time from the dashboard we have prepared especially for you.

We also have a hotline available 24/7 for your guests. This hotline allows us to solve any problem without disturbing your comfort. We also offer a support team of local repairers in case of malfunctions in your vacation home.

Thanks to Missafir’s end-to-end operational support, homeowners experience a hassle-free, secure and easy rental process. To rent your vacation home for the short and mid-term, get an offer now and take your first step to becoming a Missafir homeowner.

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