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First of all, if you don’t know the answer to “what is Airbnb? How can we use it?”, we suggest you read our previous blog on this matter before start reading this one. Before buying or using any product, most of the time we do hours of research and look at customer reviews. Looking at customer reviews help us to gain insight about a product or service. Because of that Airbnb reviews are so important both to those who will provide accommodation and to those who want to use this service.

You can learn about the condition of the house and your Airbnb Host’s behavior towards guests by reading Airbnb reviews. Likewise, if we look at from Airbnb Hosts’ perspective, they can see the reviews about their potential guests and get more idea about them. It is natural/normal to wonder who will use your house and how, since your house probably is the most valuable asset you own. when reviewing Airbnb comments and reviews, if you see bad comments stating that your potential guests do not use the house clean or follow the rules. You can be selective for your home by not choosing them.

You have 1000-word limit to write a review. Also, it is very important to write a review according to Airbnb review content policy. For example, if you comment for advertising purposes, Airbnb will not tolerate it if the comment does not match your experience or is written with inappropriate language. After Airbnb Login, you can display both your comments and the comments about you on your profile’s reviews section.

 Things you’ve been wondering about Airbnb Reviews and comments

Airbnb Review Airbnb Experience Airbnb Hosts

Because of Airbnb’s algorithm, the reviews appear systematically and is evaluated accordingly. In other words, the more comprehensible the evaluations are, the more in the foreground they appear. At this point, the country in which guests who look at your record is also effective. For instance, for guests from Germany, the German comments you got will appear more front-row. The more you care about the satisfaction of your guests, the more chance you have of getting excellent reviews.

It’s not possible to delete the comment about you. Only Airbnb is capable of doing that to maintain trusts and transparency towards their guests and hosts. For this reason, if you anticipate the problems you might face during Airbnb Hosting and take precautions accordingly, this would be better for you and your guests. Both the guests and Airbnb Hosts act responsibly with a positive attitude in order not to receive negative comments about themselves. If the other party has not reviewed you and answered your comment in 48 hours you can change and update your review/comment. You have 30 days to respond to a review about you. However, you have 14 days from the moment you check out to write a review about your trip. You know how important is Airbnb comments and reviews. Don’t forget to leave a comment after you complete your trip!

Our Suggestions for Getting Good Reviews

Airbnb Review Airbnb Experience Airbnb Hosts

After obtaining all this information, it is easier to get good reviews! When there is a problem, you should take care of your guests, deal with the matter and find solutions. However, many guests complain about not being able to reach their Airbnb hosts to get support and they state their opinions by leaving negative comments on Reviews and Comments part. Whereas, an easy problem that can be solved by communicating with each other becomes a massive problem that affects both parties negatively. Also, it causes guests to have a bad experience with Airbnb. We know how bad and frustrating this is for both parties. As Missafir team, we take into account everything you need to look out for, and we promise you the best Airbnb Istanbul experience as well as excellent reviews.

In this process, you can contact Missafir whenever you want even on public holidays and weekends. We provide communication service for Airbnb hosts and guests. As Missafir team, we are always here for your Airbnb Turkey questions and communication support. Missafir is by your side 24/7.

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